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It is something you’ve probably thought about before: your dream yard. Does it contain a garden? For most of us in State College, a luscious garden with strong trees and colorful flowers are prominent in our dream gardens. That garden is possible. However, that garden isn’t something you can get if you get any old flowers, regular trees, and basic pots from Walmart. Instead, you should plan to go to a few different places to get the absolutely best of the best for your dream garden. Check these local businesses out:

Where to Shop for your Dream Garden in State College

1. Wheatfield Nursery

Photo Credit: Wheatfield Nursery

Photo Credit: Wheatfield Nursery

For some of the best options in floral design in State College, Wheatfield Nursery is a great option for anyone in Central Pennsylvania.

They offer everything from plants and trees to mulch and decorations. From the planning stage to just adding the right amount to set off your yard, you will be able to find it here.

Wheatfield stands above other nurseries because its employees are so knowledgeable about plants, gardens, and any other project that they sell. Make sure to check out their hanging baskets if you get a chance, they are absolutely stunning and will set off any house.


2. College Gardens

Photo Credit: College Gardens

Photo Credit: College Gardens

Though they may appear to be a little smaller in scale, at least from the front, College Gardens offers a ton of options for the beginners and those who are more advanced in the art of gardening.

This place is a little different, because at first you aren’t sure you are walking into a nursery. While they do sell a ton of plants, shrubs, and trees, they also sell decorations, tools, and even holiday displays.

College Gardens isn’t the place to go to when you just need to pick up something – though you can certainly do that as well. Instead, it is a great place to go when you are planning out your dream garden, because from the peaceful benches to the lush shrubbery, it is a great place to gain inspiration.


3. Black Bear Nursery

Photo Credit: Black Bear Nursery

Photo Credit: Black Bear Nursery

If your dream yard and garden contains a beautiful pond, then Black Bear Nursery is definitely the place to go. While they also sell some traditional plants, it is their aquatic selection that really sets them apart.

The employees at Black Bear not only know about plants, but they also know what plants will work in your pond to keep it clean, healthy, and looking absolutely gorgeous. They can sometimes even troubleshoot problems before they pop up, which can save you some serious money in the end.

One rub is that they cannot sell directly to consumers, so you will have to look around for someone that works with them when you are designing your backyard – but they are still great to talk to.


4. The Arboretum at Penn State

Photo Credit: Penn State Arboretum

Photo Credit: Penn State Arboretum

Who says that you need to go shopping to get inspiration for your dream garden? The Arboretum at Penn State is a great place to go and just meander around to get some great insight into the trees that are there, and maybe learn a little more about what you can do in your garden.

Most people think that an arboretum will only have trees, but that isn’t true here. You will see some of the most beautiful gardens here as well, with rare plants that will take your breath away.

The gardens are open all day long and are free to go into, so this should definitely be a place you are frequenting, even if you aren’t in a position to get a dream garden just yet.


5. Countryside Nursery

Photo Credit: Countryside Nursery

Photo Credit: Countryside Nursery

Countryside Nursery offers a whole line of things that you can get for your garden, but their standout items are their beautifully sculptured topiary trees. From squares to circles, everything they sell has been finely clipped and trimmed to perfection.

They are also great at doing some really great landscaping, including the installation of ponds and terracing, which can really help bring your garden to the next level.

Make sure to check out their selection!

6. Shuey’s Market

Photo Credit: Shuey's Market

Photo Credit: Shuey’s Market

Shuey’s Market is the type of home grown market that ensures its customers are satisfied with what they receive – from seeds to plants to produce. They are family owned and operated and work extremely hard to make sure their customers are satisfied.

The owners and employees here have a reputation of going above and beyond for their customers, especially when people are still green.

They recently lost some of their business to the blizzard, so they need the support of our community – and you will gain a lot in return!


7. State College Lawn Care

landscaping state college

Photo Credit: JRS Landscaping

Even we can admit that without your lawn being well manicured and taken care of, your garden and yard will never look as good as it could. The State College Landscaping team at JRS Landscaping does a great job keeping your yard and garden looking the best in any season.

You’ll hear rave reviews about their lawn care and snow removal, though they’ve probably been working overtime in the last few weeks.

If you want a healthy base to your backyard, they do everything from aerating your lawn to dethatching. Having a great backyard isn’t all about having great installations and beautiful flowers, sometimes it is about the little details as well.

8. Tuckaway Trees

Photo Credit: Tuckaway Trees

Photo Credit: Tuckaway Trees

It’s pretty easy to say: you just aren’t going to get the right look for your yard if you don’t have some trees. Trees not only help the environment, but they work to balance out your yard, create shade for those tough summers, and even help create an ecosystem that will sustain your yard for years to come.

Tuckaway Trees specializes in evergreen and shade trees to get you that dream backyard. Their website lists all the different trees that they sell, and there are a ton of different ages to choose from when you make your choice.

Make sure to talk to the employees here – they really know what they are talking about!

I have my dream garden – now what?

Once you have your dream garden, it is all about maintaining it. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, that is what we specialize in. We know that you put a lot of work into your backyard and want to keep it looking absolutely gorgeous.

We care about outdoor beauty just as much as you do, and that is why we work so hard to achieve perfection. Not only that, but we help you once something has gone wrong – from pests to downed trees.

State College is an unpredictable place to have a great backyard, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with one that is boring – instead, arm yourself with the best possible team to keep it that way. Contact us to bring us onto your team.

Header Photo Courtesy of Julie Corsie on Flickr!


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