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It is almost spring in State College, which means that it is time to get started on preparing your garden for the planting season. However, what we have found is that too many people aren’t using the proper yard supplies and end up hurting themselves or not doing the right things for their years. In order to get the best yard supplies in State College, you have to look for stores that have the quality, knowledge, and inventory needed. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we recommend these, starting from the root upwards:

1. 7 Mtn Sod

Credit: 7 Mtn Sod

Credit: 7 Mtn Sod

So when you are getting supplies for your yard, the best place to start is from the bottom: with your grass. Grass that is high quality and healthy will provide you with a great base to grow everything from plants to trees. You might not realize it, but unhealthy grass could really be jeopardizing your entire yard.

7 Mtn Sod is one of the most trusted sod providers in Central PA. They sell 100% Kentucky Bluegrass that has a mass of benefits that they are willing to talk you through. Whether you only need a little or you are a commercial developer and need some for an entire area, they can help you out.

2. Walker & Walker Equipment II

If you are looking to do something a little heavier, you can actually rent out some pretty intense equipment

Credit: Walker & Walker

Credit: Walker & Walker

from Walker & Walker Equipment II, located in State College. Whether you want to rent a tractor to some serious mowing or you need to haul some lumber from one place to another, renting is a more economical option. Of course, you will need insurance.

If you are also in the market of purchasing items, they have tons for sale online and in person. They also have a few other locations in other states, so you might have to wait a few weeks for things to be delivered, but it will be well worth your wait. Remember that buying quality from a place that knows what they are talking about is more important than buying something cheap from people who have no idea what they are talking about.

3. Groff Tractor & Equipment

Credit: Groff Tractor

Credit: Groff Tractor

For new and used equipment, Groff Tractor & Equipment is a great place to look for your tractor needs. This family

owned business is extremely knowledgeable about tractors and what someone from the State College area needs. They have a ton of equipment for rental ranging from huge pieces of digging machinery to trailers.

Another bonus is that they repair equipment as well, if you want to repair something that you have. Call them up today and talk through their repair process or see what selection they have.

4. Nittany Valley True Value Hardware

While we always recommend working with small businesses, you just can’t go wrong with True Value Hardware

Credit: True Value

Credit: True Value

Stores, especially the Nittany Valley True Value Hardware location. Open daily, they provide you with a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, and other necessities that will make working in your yard a lot easier. These tools are high quality and will last for years.

As an added bonus, unlike other big box retail stores that sell tools, the staff at Nittany Valley True Value Hardware actually knows what they are talking about and can guide you in the right direction.

5. Sammi’s Greenhouse

Credit: Sammi's Greenhouse

Credit: Sammi’s Greenhouse

Sammi’s Greenhouse is one of our favorites for buying plants. They have such a colorful collection and really know what they are talking about when it comes to plants. From hanging baskets that are absolutely overflowing to ornamental bedding plants, everything is gorgeous. They also have potted plants of all types and sizes, colorful mixed planters, outstanding herbs and vegetables, succulents, and pond plants.

As a bonus, you can also bring your dog along for the ride and see what plants he likes.

6. Kerstetter’s Greenhouse

Kerstetter’s Greenhouse is another option for those who want to get floral supplies for their yard. They have a large

Photo: Kerstetter's

Photo: Kerstetter’s

selection of perennials and potted plants that are sure to make you happy. This place is extremely colorful and a fun place to visit.

Open seasonally for the last 25 years, they forge a great relationship with their customers, and you will be surprised at just how much they remember about you, your yard, and your favorite types of flowers and plants.

Make sure you call ahead to see what selection they offer and if they have opened yet for the season.

7. Bricks and Stones Supply

Credit: Bricks and Stone Supply

Credit: Bricks and Stone Supply

If you are looking for a beautiful firepit for your yard, Bricks and Stones Supply is a great place to check out. They build some of the most gorgeous outdoor areas in all of Pennsylvania. You can also build an outdoor kitchen or a gorgeous patio area.

Even better, Bricks and Stones Supply also offers up natural stone to use as decorative pieces throughout your yard as well. From lining your walkways with natural stone that you place to getting stone accents around a statue, this is the place to look.

Make sure to give them a call or make an appointment to talk to one of their great designers.

8. Rummings Bluestone

Starting a business in 1955, Rummings Bluestone has been a resource for some of the best natural stone in

Credit: Rummings Bluestone

Credit: Rummings Bluestone

Pennsylvania. Located in Jersey Shore, PA, some of the beautiful products they offer include:  Pennsylvania bluestone, Pennsylvania flagstone, mountain stone, fieldstone, Ohio sandstone, Tennessee treads, landscaping boulders and Cherokee marble, and that is just off the top of our head.

In addition to natural stones, they also offer a wide variety of other types of stones used for things like sidewalks, patios, around pools, and walls.

9. Greenwood Mulch

Credit: Greenwood Mulch

Credit: Greenwood Mulch

If you like working with natural products, nothing helps your plants more than Greenwood Mulch. Their mulch is made out of the best oak mulch, that can help all of your organic matter, from evergreens, perennials, and shade trees to flowering trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

Their mulch has long been a favorite for commercial properties and real estate, so make sure to take a look. They also have delivery deals. Plus, Greenwood Mulch is really friendly and will want to walk you through the proper process of spreading mulch.


Keep Your State College, PA Yard Looking Great

Once you go through all of the hassle to get your yard looking great, why would you let your trees mess up the image? At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we can help you keep your trees manicured so that they don’t interfere with what you’ve done.

Yard supplies and actually doing all of that yard work can really eat away at your budget and time, which is why we like to be transparent with how much of it we will be spending. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on both time and money – call (814) 240-2172.

Header photo courtesy of Andy L. on flickr!



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