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When we talk about hardscaping, we are talking about the parts of your yard that aren’t found in nature – things made by cement, like walkways, steps, patios, ponds, flower beds, pergolas, and other things to make your yard more comfortable.

These additions can be pricey, but they can also add a lot of usable space to your home. When you are thinking about getting them, you have to go with someone that you trust. A walkway that isn’t installed properly can be dangerous, and a huge patio is just too much of an expense to not get the very best. If you are looking for a hardscaper in State College, go with these:

1. Scott’s Landscaping

Credit: Scott's

Credit: Scott’s

One of the biggest problems that people in State College face is erosion of ground and soil. It is a huge problem that hardscaping can fix, however. One of the best places to go if you are dealing with runoff because of erosion or just because your ground isn’t level, is Scott’s Landscaping.

This company is extremely trusted by both commercial and residential properties that are in need of hardscaping. You are able to find almost anything you need help with will have a solution with this company.

Scott’s has a team of workers that is extremely knowledgeable and really seem to enjoy what they are doing – you won’t hear complaining, but you will see a lot of problem solving and attention to detail.


2. JRS Landscaping

JRS Landscaping is a great company that can provide you with high quality results that look like they belong in big

Credit: JRS Landscaping

Credit: JRS Landscaping

cities – but they have that small town sensibility that so many people from State College love. They do exquisite work that lasts you a very long time.

They are also willing to work with you on projects so that you get exactly what you want. You can design everything from the ground up – and they encourage you to do so! From outdoor kitchens that will blow your mind to walkways that are simple, but effective at getting you around your yard.

This team is filled with people who take pride in the work they do, and they make sure that everything is perfect before they put their name on it. You can trust them for just about any type of landscaping that you may need.

3. The Garden’s Edge

Credit: Garden's Edge

Credit: Garden’s Edge

Since the late 80’s, The Garden’s Edge has been a trusted pond installation company that serves the State College area. They work with the Aquascape Ecosystem, which is one of the best pond system available.

This company specializes in creating ponds that look like they naturally occurred in your yard – they use natural rocks, stones, and other materials to make everything blend extremely well. They’ve even won awards for this!

Make sure you talk to them about what you want and how much maintenance you want to do – because they have the capabilities to do just about anything you’re dreaming of, including fountains and waterfalls in your pond.

4. Gilliland Landscaping

Credit: Gilliland

Credit: Gilliland

If you are the type of person that needs to see every twist and turn of hardscaping or landscaping before it is installed, Gilliland Landscaping might be the best approach to take. Their 3D models show all of the details in extremely high quality, down to the finishes and stains that they use.

Their stamped concrete work is a great way to get high quality materials with expensive looks for less than you would expect. They also last a lot longer because they are all together – so you won’t have to worry about lose bricks or uneven pavements.

If you just need repairs done, you might want to look here as well.

5. Tussey Landscaping

If you are willing to go the extra mile to get something really special for your yard, Tussey Landscaping might be the

Credit: Tussey

Credit: Tussey

go to option. They really go above and beyond to create the “outdoor lifestyle” that so many of us try to have. Their work is exquisitely done by professionals that have studied for a long time.

Their goal is really to transform your backyard into something that can be used all seasons, all hours of the day, and by all families. They will listen to your needs and then build you something unique and adventurous. Still, their designs are built in the classic looks that so many people aim for.

One of their specialties is something that more and more people are looking for: fireplaces.

6. Siffrinn Masonry, LLC

Credit: Siffrinn

Credit: Siffrinn

If you drive around the State College Area – and really, it isn’t a problem that is limited to this area – you will see a major focal point of our yards that isn’t take care of properly: our driveways. Siffrinn Masonry does a bunch of hardscaping work, but their driveways are absolutely gorgeous.

Look through their Facebook account, and you will see a company that puts a lot of work into their driveways and other ventures. They too do a lot of commercial installations, but they have residential customers as well.

If you are looking for absolutely gorgeous stonework as well, take a look at some of their jobs.

7. Foltz’s Ponds

Ponds are a great addition to any backyard, and they actually fall into the “hardscaping” category. Ponds are great

Credit: Foltz's

Credit: Foltz’s

because not only do they add dimension and a background noise in your yard. They also help create an ecosystem that introduces new plants and species to your yard. Plus, raising your own fish can be extremely rewarding for adults and children.

If you are looking into a pond, Foltz’s Ponds is a great place to start.

However, ponds can also go wrong. You need to get a professional to install them so that you can feel safe about them. They offer up free estimates if you are just dabbling into ponds, and they can also give you realistic answers to any questions you may have.

Owning a pond isn’t as easy as some people may think, but it is extremely rewarding.

Take Care of Your Hardscaping

Once you have hardscaping installed, it is up to you to keep it in order. Trees that aren’t properly taken care of are the #1 reason that hardscaping fails – from roots that come up and knock pavement askew to ponds getting too much shade and not prospering.

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals will help you to keep your hardscaping in shape and make it look like it did when it was installed. We can work with you before or after you’ve have the hardscaping installed, to clear pathways or trim trees so that cleanup is easier. Give us a call today at (814) 240-2172.

Header photo courtesy of Rosenwald on Flickr!

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