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Though it really might not feel like it thanks to the weather we are having right now, summer is right around the corner. For many of us, that means that we spend more time outdoors, we decorate our yards so that they look great, and we try to compete with our neighbors.

There is no use in denying it – we all do it.

So how can you decorate your yard so that it looks great without breaking the bank or becoming too ordinary? The first thing you have to do is stop shopping at the stores that keep 300 of the same item in stock. If you see that, it means 299 other people probably have the same items.

Instead of going to those big box stores, head to these local businesses:

1. Tait Farm Foods

Credit: Tait Farm Foods

Credit: Tait Farm Foods

We’ve mentioned Tait Farm Foods on here before, and that is because we really believe in what they are selling. They have some of the most unique products in the local area, especially when it comes to statuary. Statues add a great focal point to your yard, especially when they are designed properly.

You might be thinking that they only sell food, but that just isn’t the case! If you haven’t been there to check out all of the other great items they have, you’ve been missing out.

From bird baths to dragonfly statues, Tait Farm Foods really runs the gamut when it comes to design ideas. Everything is made with quality materials so that you don’t have to worry about longevity – they will be with you for years to come. The team listens when you talk to them so that you can get the best possible fit, which is something you won’t get in larger businesses.

2. The Hite Company

While many of us look for outdoor lighting as a way to decorate our yards at night, especially during the summer

Credit: The Hite Company

Credit: The Hite Company

when we spend more time outside, they really serve a manifold purpose. Outdoor lights can also keep your home safe and secure.

The Hite Company is a local favorite for indoor lighting, but they also specialize in outdoor lighting. They have over 150 options for outdoor lighting, ranging from spotlights to lantern-style lights. There is something to go with every style of home – modern, rustic, or somewhere in between.  They even have step lights, which can be difficult to find.

When you talk to The Hite Company, they really understand what kind of look you are going for – perhaps because they have so much experience. Or maybe because they know their products. Whatever it is, it is great.

3. Morning Glory Hill Greenhouse

Credit: Morning Glory Hill

Credit: Morning Glory Hill

If the thought of concrete in your yard doesn’t make you jump for joy, then you might want to consider something else. Morning Glory Hill Greenhouse has a ton of options that feel a little more “country” in style. From signs that you put on your porch to pots that take on comical shapes, there are so many options here that it could feel overwhelming. Sometimes there are even multiple outdoor decorations that come in a matching set.

Still, the staff at Morning Glory Hill Greenhouse and Gift Shop is really top notch, they don’t mind you spending hours wandering around and just looking at everything. Their inventory changes with the seasons, so there is always something new to see.

Plus, you can get your flowers here as well, if a one-stop-shop is something that you need.

4. Nature’s Cover

A lot of people love to have gardens or open areas in their yards, but they don’t necessarily like the look of dirt. It’s

Credit: Nature's Cover

Credit: Nature’s Cover

okay, dirt really isn’t for everyone (we love it). At Nature’s Cover, you have options to fill your open spaces with mulch, rocks, stone, slate, and even more.

If you don’t know what you are doing, the staff will help walk you through the process of decorating your yard with these natural products. Stones can really transform your yard, help with drainage, limit the amount of weeds that you get, and just make your yard a better place to be in on a daily basis.

Don’t knock a different type of cover in your yard and the ultimate transformation that it can make until you’ve tried it – it definitely looks great and does what you want it to.

5. Fence King

Credit: Fence King

Credit: Fence King

Many people don’t think that a fence could be a design element in your yard, but it absolutely can serve a beautification purpose and a safety purchase. Fence King has many different types and styles of fencing, including ones that are just for design and ones that are for safety. They can work on jobs big and small, helping you to get the best fit that matches with your house.

They will also help you out with pools decks and fences, which is a good idea for anyone that has a pool in their yards – many local townships have rules that you need to have one.

Give Fence King a call and they will really walk you through the process of getting a good fence.

6. Tussey Landscaping

If you are interested in going a little more full throttle with your decorations, Tussey Landscaping is a great place to

Credit: Tussey

Credit: Tussey

look. They focus mostly on adding hardscaping elements to your yard, but they also work with outdoor lighting, ponds, pools, and more.

They work with what you have and give you what you don’t, which is a dream come true for many homeowners in State College.

If you want to have a dream back yard, this is really one of the best places to go in State College. You get their full commitment to your success, a personalized plan of attack, and a detailed timeline so you know what to expect. Their work is absolutely exquisite and will make your house the best looking on the block.

7. Concrete Jungle

A popular song claims that a certain other Concrete Jungle is a place where dreams are made up – but we tend to

Credit: Concrete Jungle

Credit: Concrete Jungle


think that the Concrete Jungle in York Springs is where homeowners come up with their dreams. From towering fountains to religious figurines, you can find just about anything you want for your yard here. Everything is made with the highest quality in mind – these statues will last you decades.

After all, that is the point, as most of their products have an antique look to them.

Each item is made to order, so you don’t have to worry about someone else having it. Each statue feels and looks just slightly different so even if someone would order the same angel statue, for instance, they won’t be identical.

Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh

Once you have your yard decorated and looking at its best, you definitely want to keep it that way. Cutting Edge Tree Professionals understand that a lot of time, planning, and money goes into buying things like fences or statues, and you don’t want them to be destroyed by a branch that fell or sap from an overhead tree.

Don’t even get us started on the damage we have seen from storm damage.

We can also deliver firewood for your outdoor fire pits or bonfires, spray your trees for pests that may ruin your outdoor decor and gardens, and even get rid of stumps so that you can have more.

No matter what problems you have with your trees, we are the best resource to help you out – give us a call today at (814) 240-2172.


Header photo courtesy of Karen Roe on Flickr!


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