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You spend all of this money trying to get your outdoor space to look great, you put a lot of time and effort into keeping it beautiful, and you don’t spend any time there. Why? For most people, it is because their patio furniture isn’t comfortable enough, isn’t sturdy enough, or just because they didn’t buy any yet.

Patio furniture isn’t as big of an investment as inside furniture for most, but it can still be pretty costly. Before purchasing, you’ll want to do research about the companies, brands, and warranties of the furniture you buy. Not all patio furniture stores in State College are created equally. We suggest you take a look at these:

1. Creekside Hearth & Patio

Credit: Creekside

Credit: Creekside

Warranties are a big deal with it comes to patio furniture, and Creekside Hearth & Patio offers up some  spectacular ones that can have you sitting with confidence. Their lowest warranty is a staggering 15-years. Their inventory is quite large and has many options when it comes to traditional furnishings for your yard. However, they also have some great modern furniture to choose from as well. They are also willing to break up sets of furniture if you are looking for one spectacular piece, but they still sell large sets.

One of their best-selling items is a patio table with a fire pit built into it, something that will make your yard extremely unique. If you want to push it further than that, they will build you something to custom order.

2. Beiter’s Home Center

For the State College area, Beiter’s Home Center is synonymous with furniture of all kinds. You can go there and

Credit: Beiters

Credit: Beiter’s

outfit an entire home – including the kitchen – quite easily. Usually, you won’t find as much selection with the outdoor furniture, but there are still some options, especially if you have a closed off patio.

It really depends on the season, so make sure that you call ahead and ask whether or not they have outdoor furniture. More than likely, they will have something that can be used indoor outdoor. They also sell a lot of accessories that will be great outdoors.

So why even include them on the list? Well, they have a lot of basic furniture that matches with any backyard. If you aren’t looking for something too over the top or you want something that you can easily move around and make your own, this is a great place to start.

3.  Tuscarora Structures

Credit: Tuscarora

Credit: Tuscarora

Patio furniture, just like everything else, has to be taken indoors when bad weather hits – which pretty much means the end of October around here. Tuscarora Structures is a great resource we have in this area to not only store our patio furniture, but to get a great outdoor structure that adds storage to our yards – and takes it out of our garages.

This company brings the structure to you and sets it up so that you can get the best possible installation that will last a long time. They are also great if you are on a budget because they have some “rent to own” possibilities.

4.  Contract Furniture Company

Credit: Brookvale

Credit: Brookvale

Contract Furniture Company creates furniture for commercial properties, allowing your business to get something

that has all of the best details already in it. Each piece is made out of wrought iron and has beautiful details. This furniture is extremely heavy so that it is safe to leave out overnight without having to worry about theft.

This furniture is also rust resistant, which means that it can sit outside in the elements. There is also a 5-year limited warranty.

But if personalization isn’t the way you want to go, then you can get some of their in-stock furniture quite quickly.

5. Brookvale

Credit: Brookvale

Credit: Brookvale

If you like to live a little bit more on the edge, Brookvale is a great option for shoppers who aren’t looking for the standard and those who are looking for something you won’t find anywhere else. When you walk through Brookvale, you’ll be presented with a ton of options that you wouldn’t have considered before – or maybe you won’t find anything at all, that is the risk you take.

Still, then you do get something, it will be a piece of furniture that no one else has. They sell unique pieces that have been modified by craftsman and made into something extraordinary.

6. Pennwood Home & Hearth

If your backyard won’t be complete without a fireplace or a fire pit, then Pennwood Home & Hearth might be the

Credit: Pennwood

Credit: Pennwood

best place to look. Their selection of high-quality furniture is great. If you are looking for something that will match in with the rest of your yard, especially your hardscaping, this is the place.

If you are looking for something spectacular, they also sell outdoor kitchens and all the furniture you need to go along with them. If you are looking for something for your family, they have a ton of options for small children as well.

Finally, they have a wide-reaching net – whatever you want, they’ll be able to find for you.

7. Tubbies

Credit: Tubbies

Credit: Tubbies

We couldn’t end the article without talking about one of the most famous patio companies around State College, Tubbies. Tubbies has a fantastic selection, high-quality pieces, great team members, and even better prices. They will sell you furniture sets, individual pieces, and accessories that will complete your backyard.

Their team has an eye for style and a calming personality that will make buying patio furniture easy. Just make sure that you give yourself enough time to look through their inventory, because they have quite a bit, including umbrellas, pillows, tech, and garden accessories.

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals Keeps Your Patio Clean

Once you get your patio furniture situated, you might find out that there are some problems. For one, trees that overhang your patio area might drop debris onto the furniture, leaving marks and stains. We can easily remove the offending branches so that you won’t have any many problems.

On the other hand, we can also help by grooming the trees so that they will provide shade coverage if your patio is too warm. This may take longer, but it will be worth it when you have manicured trees that are also working for you.

No matter what you need with your trees, whether it relates to your patio furniture of not, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can help you out. We work with the State College, PA area and surrounding areas to provide high-quality tree care.

Header photo courtesy of Ryan Hyde on Flickr!

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