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The Christmas season is just around the corner – and for many of us, it is already here. One of the things that causes stress to many people is where to purchase a Christmas tree. It can be difficult because here in State College, we have a lot of options. In many places, you have to go to a parking lot and pick out a tree. Here, you can go to an actual tree farm and select one, making it a family bonding activity. Not all tree farms are created equally, however. This year, consider frequenting these family-owned businesses:

1. Kuhn’s Tree Farm

Credit: Kuhn's

Credit: Kuhn’s

Kuhn’s Christmas Tree Farm in Central PA sells some of the best Fraser fir trees available. They’ve been in business since 1981, and they have created some of the best memories for families. Larry was a Professor of Ornamental Horticulture for 30 years, where he conducted research and educational programs for tree growers. This makes him particularly special and knowledgeable about growing trees. Doug Banker has been working with the farm for 20 years, making him an expert on which trees are the best.

Their staff is highly educated and they are going to give you the best possible tree this year. Each one is inspected before it is cut down, checking to make sure that even if you are among the early birds, you will be able to keep it up through the new year.

2. Tannenbaum Farms

Locally owned and operated, Tannenbaum Farms is a tree farm that generations have been going to for over 40

Credit: Tannenbaum

Credit: Tannenbaum

years. They have one of the largest selections of Christmas trees in the area, making it a great choice for people who might want to choose something different. If you don’t know what you are looking for, or you have special considerations like allergies, you might want to come here first.

They will be open from the day after Thanksgiving through December 20, 2016, from 8AM to 5PM every day. If you are going to cut down your own tree, you need to be there by at least 4PM. However, they are already tagging trees, so if you want to get a head start, you can go over now.

Even better, Tannenbaum Farms in State College has a wide selection of wreath products that you can purchase.

3. Tait Farms

Credit: Tait

Credit: Tait

Thousands of trees line the Tait Farm Christmas tree lot, meaning you will have a lot of options. You can walk around with your family, selecting a tree to cut down and bring home or you can choose one of their high-quality pre-cut trees.

Still, spending time at Tait Farms is important because they offer so much to make your season bright. They have “weekend hayrides, the natural wreaths and garland, the decorations in the “Tree House” Christmas shop, the food products and more in the Harvest Shop”

This is a family that cares about their trees. They will give you great advice on how to take care of them, from the moment you bring them home until you are ready to send it away.

If you are doing early shopping, they will open on November 19 and stay open until Christmas Eve.

4. Harner Farm

Credit: Harmer

Credit: Harner

Harner Farm wears each and every season beautifully, and the winter/Christmas season is no different. They offer up some of the best (and quickest) chances to get a beautiful tree. Rows and rows of trees offer up plentiful choices, especially for people who are picky. You’ll be able to find almost any height or dimension that you want, including very tall and very small trees.

Even better, they will help you prepare your tree to get it home as safely as possible.

While you are at Harner Farm, make sure to look at their greenery options and decorations, as they will help to make your season shine just a little bit brighter.

5. Parsons Tree Farm

Credit: Parsons

Credit: Parsons

Since 1921, the Parsons Tree Farm has been a yearly tradition amongst families. They have been working hard to provide the best trees, and over the years they have learned many things about not only how to grow some of the best trees, but how to care for them and sell them.

People are already tagging their trees, so you might want to head over sooner rather than later.

You’ll select and cut your own tree, and then the staff will take over. Once your tree is in the “old barn,” it will be shaken and baled so that it is easy to take home and won’t make a mess. If you have a center spike tree stand, they can drill that as well. During that time, you can enjoy hot chocolate and some holiday treats.

6. Tuckaway Trees

Selection is key at Tuckaway Trees, and it is why the company has always been a favorite among families looking for

Credit: Tuckaway

Credit: Tuckaway

Christmas trees of all kinds. Their selection is varied and all trees are cut when you want them, not before. This allows the staff to monitor the trees and see how they are growing. If you like to have a tree that looks fresh all season long, it is definitely the place to go.

At any given time they will offer Concolor Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Oriental Spruce, White Pine, and Douglas Fir, all grown right on site. During the Christmas season, they are open daily from 8AM to 5PM from the day after Christmas.

As an added bonus, you can also pick up some trees for your yard.

7. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Credit: Perfect

Credit: Perfect

When you go to Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, you might be surprised that you are handed a map. On that map, you will see many different kinds of trees that they grow, including the traditional, Balsam, Fraser, Concolor, Canaan and Douglas fir, Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine, and the somewhat exotic, including Nordman and Grand Fir.

The trees come in various sizes, including ones up to sixteen feet tall. The trees are cut when you select it, or there are some pre-cut tree options. They even have trees that are grown in pots so that you can plant them when the holiday is over.

Make sure to take some time to walk around the Christmas Shoppe because you will surely find some great presents there.

Don’t Forget Your Live Trees

While you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, we might actually get one. We’ve been known to get some pretty bad storms in December and beyond, so you have to be prepared. Before Christmas and the first snowfall, ensure that you have all of your trees taken care of. This means something different for everyone – it could mean getting your tree limbs trimmed so that they aren’t dangling over your home, shed, or car. It could also mean cabling weaker branches so that they can survive the weather. Our team at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can diagnose and inspect your trees so that they are at their healthiest.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment and get a free estimate for any work you need.

Header photo courtesy of Heather Kaweck on Flickr!

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