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We still have a couple of more weeks of mowing weather this year and at Cutting Edge Tree professionals we wanted to point out the importance of tree care when the roots protrude from the ground. This is something specially to look out for when we’re trying to do a simple thing—take care of our lawns.What many people don’t realize is the damage lawnmowers can cause a tree with exposed roots. Simple nicks and cuts from a lawnmower to a root can cause injury and disease that to take care of down the road is more time consuming and expensive, than simply preventing the damage to begin with.

Kinds of tree root damage:

Damage to a root can go unnoticed with small nicks, but just like with people, when trees sustain small wounds that go unnoticed, they can turn to infections and large wounds. Wounds, big and small, make the tree susceptible to disease, fungi, and decay, not to mention they can cause the tree structural problems.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we like to use the analogy of being tree doctors. We assess trees and plants using various tools and tests, and diagnose issues with trees. When a tree is damaged, especially its roots, just like your skin or body when you get cut up and beat up through life, without treating said injuries, your body could be left in a bad place, without seeing a health care professional.

Damage varies in scope and type, but at the end of the day, one thing is universal and that is that problems may arise later on without preventing or treating damaged roots.

Importance of roots:

We all know roots are important for a tree, but do we all know why? Roots are what provide the tree grounding and stability. Without the roots they could fall either which way, and ultimately, the tree would just be a log. They also provide nutrition, drawing minerals and water from the soil they live up to the tree trunk, branches, and leaves. When roots are not properly cared for, the tree can’t live. It at least can’t live as healthy of a life without the nicks and cuts of lawnmower blades running over them.

Avoiding lawnmower damage:

First, be sure to pick up large sticks and debris around the tree base. Then, pay attention to protruding roots and mow around them as best as possible. One trick is to cover the roots with soil or mulch. You’ll know where the surface roots are, while providing a covering for the roots for growth in the future. Bear in mind that the roots still need access to oxygen. Piling mulch at the base of the tree, or over roots though may take care of the lawnmower damage, comes with a whole other set of tree issues.

Though it might not be as aesthetically pleasing to cut some grass longer than other parts of your lawn, it may be necessary to trim the grass different lengths if it means not running over such an important part of the tree. You may need to contact a gardener or with technique and skill with hand shears or trimmer if the roots are too problematic for keeping your property in top shape while keeping the tree in its best, healthiest condition. Lastly, you can adjust your landscape to work with the tree and be aesthetically appealing.

In the end, there are solutions to most of life’s problems and seeing the importance of tree roots on the health of the tree in so many ways, it’s worth exploring your yard to see if changes need to be done to protect the plants on your property.

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