What is a Spotted Lantern Fly?

A Spotted Lantern Fly is an invasive insect to Pennsylvania and after the summer months grows into maturity. By the fall season, the fly begins to swarm trees and lay its eggs. It was discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since spread throughout the state.

Why are they so damaging?

The fly being one that swarms with others, can cause damage with how they gather and take over plants, trees, houses, and even the food trees we eat. Since they infiltrate areas in large populations, they are difficult to exterminate without also destroying the object they have decided to take over. The Spotted Lantern Fly secretes a sap like substance that has the potential to manifest molds and is harmful to the plants they take over. This is especially dangerous for food trees and plants we need to maintain in our yards and homes.

What to look for

A Spotted Lantern Fly egg is about an inch long and white, usually laid on hard surfaces such as tree bark. At this time of the year in the fall, the fly has matured. The white and red wings are distinct with black spots and yellow and black body/thorax.

How can they be managed?

These invasive species can be controlled through using pesticides or other tree care treatments. They can also be managed by physically removing them and the objects they swarm. Be sure to call us at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, or your local tree care company for help in the process if you discover spotted Lantern Fly nests or eggs on your property. Now is the time of the year to remove the flies, during the fall season, before they can lay more eggs that then hatch in the warmer spring months. Let’s be vigilant together by taking care of the creation around us, including awareness of pesky insects and getting rid of them when called for.