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The Holiday Season continues as we move from Thanksgiving into Christmas and if you haven’t bought a Christmas tree yet, these tips might help you. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we’ve come up with four things to be aware of when purchasing your tree and making it last the entire season.

1. Shopping

Shopping for a tree begins before you even set out to see one. You need to know the space that you have available. This includes measuring the height of your ceilings and area where you will be putting your tree. Once you do actually look for trees know that the most attractive, cone shaped trees tend to be priced at a higher point than other shapes.

2. Checking for Freshness

Once you decide on the tree you want, you can check the freshness of pre-cut trees. Check for sap (trees that are fresher will have more sap) or test the needles. Needles from a fresher tree will snap in half when folded rather than bend. The branches in most pines and firs will also be flexible rather than stiff in the fresher cut trees.

3. Cutting the Tree

If your tree is not pre-cut, bring a tape measure to be sure you know where to cut and to know it will fit in your home location. Also bring proper clothes and equipment! Tree farms can be muddy and your tree may have sap on it. Using a saw (usually provided by tree farms, call ahead if you are unsure and need to bring your own) cut the tree swiftly. Remember ties, straps, or bungee cords to attach it to the top of your vehicle after. Most tree farms will help with attaching the tree to your car, if you need staff assistance a tip is appreciated as the work is seasonal and who wouldn’t want to spread holiday cheer with an extra gift.

4. Setting Up at Home

Be sure to put your tree in water as soon as possible when you arrive home, this will help the survival. One trick is to cut an extra inch off of the bottom of your tree, whether it is pre-cut or you cut it yourself, which will allow for better absorption of water. Remember to check on your tree daily, giving it water throughout the season. Most trees will last up to four weeks when properly cared for.


Stick to these steps and you will have a solid tree that fits the space and lasts the time you need it and have fun!


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