Taking care of the environment is one of the key reasons for why we do our work at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. We’ve collected a few ideas of things you can do to upcycle your Christmas Tree. You too can care for the environment by getting rid of your tree in a creative way. Put your tree to good use this year, don’t just throw it away.

1. Use the branches for insulation.

One thing we all know is how the harsh cold can damage gardens and plants when they are not properly insulated for winter. Try cutting the branches from your Christmas Tree and spread them around your garden as barriers and insulators. This is especially good for shrubs or rose bushes.

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2. Use in your garden or yard for animals.

Animals have it hard in the winter. Some days winter days you may see birds or squirrels looking for extra food in the cold. Try putting your tree in your yard as a natural habitat for animals to take cover. You can even hang bird feeders on it for an added food source.

3. Make homemade pine potpourri.

We’ve heard one fun way people continue to use their trees after season is to make potpourri. Though we haven’t tried it ourselves, it seems like a great alternative to throwing your tree out. Check out this link we’ve read on what you can do to make your own.

4. Build something for your home.

Dry the branches and pine needles to make a unique photo frame for your wall. Take a portion of the trunk and make coasters for your end table. Pick up a hobby like wood carving and see what you can make with the tree. There are endless possibilities to upcycle the wood and branches with crafts and building. Get creative and have fun making the wood last in some unique way in your home!

5. Donate it.

Old trees make great mulch, topsoil, and even compost when added to other waste. In the Center County area, we’ve identified three companies that recycle green waste. Help the cycle of life continue for plants of all kinds. This winter contact one of these local companies. See if they will take a tree donation. Let your tree become part of someone else’s garden or home for the future and know you will be putting your tree to good use.


Hawbaker’s Recycling Center

University Area Joint Authority


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