Tree pruning and trimming doesn’t need to be limited to when you see your trees alive with leaves in warm seasons. You can also think about tree pruning in the winter.


There are a few reasons why tree care in the winter is important.

First, it can be easier to inspect trees in the winter without the added distractions of leaves. While tree health can be assessed by leaf health, sometimes it is easier to inspect trees in the winter. Structural issues become more obvious and it can be easier to remove dead and damaged branches without foliage covering.

A second reason for winter tree trimming is for growth. Pruning in the winter allows the “wound” to heal before natural growth occurs when the weather warms up in the spring or summer. Pruning trees when they are dormant allows for better re-growth in the spring.

A third reason, is for safety. If limbs or entire trees do need to come down, it is much safer to have trained arborists do the job. The alternative is natural elements taking the tree down, which can compromise the safety of your home or other property.

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What about pruning in the summer?

Winter tree pruning doesn’t take away from the fact that summer tree pruning is still effective and important.

Fungi and pests are typically more active in the summer months. Treatments such as limb removal and pruning are necessary steps to the overall health of the tree. Sometimes these invasive species are not obvious in the summer.

Additionally, summer growth in plants and trees become necessary because of the amount of growth (aka overgrowth) in plants when pruning needs to take place.

Do my trees need pruned now?

One amazing thing that Cutting Edge Tree Professionals offers is free assessments. We are more than happy to take a look at your trees and offer guidance with tree pruning. Let one of our tree professionals help you by assessing if winter tree pruning is necessary for you.

Call us today to ask your questions on winter tree pruning! (814) 240-2172

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