In our last full month of winter, at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we are already looking ahead to spring tree services. We want to make sure you are covered for what’s coming the upcoming season, and wanted to highlight those spring-clean up activities so that you can stay at the front of the line when booking appointments.

Tree and Shrub Health Treatments

Tree and Shrub Health Treatments – Each tree is unique and needs specific care depending on the disease or invasive species. Just like a health care professional would treat a person for disease and ailments, trees and shrubs need care for their health. It is possible that preventable tree disease and decay can be treated with advanced care. Wounds and damage from animals or physical elements through winter can be seen and treated in the springtime. This allows healing before the burst of summer growth at the weather warms up through spring.

Tree Restoration Pruning

Tree Restoration Pruning – This is important for a few reasons. First, it can enhance the value of your property when you have properly pruned trees. Second, our Cutting Edge Tree Professional crews remove dead or decayed limbs to allow the tree to keep the tree growing healthy. It’s a good time before leaf growth takes over for professional arborists to look at and restore any structural damages with trees that may have occurred over winter. Third, restoration pruning can include shrubs and it’s always good to train shrubs through pruning through the entire season.

Soil Care & Fertilization

Soil Care & Fertilization – Each tree is unique and needs the nutrients from the soil and earth where it’s planted to live. However, not every location has the ideal soil and fertilization composition where your trees and shrubs are planted. Soil and fertilization is not something you want to neglect when it comes to your trees. Good soil feeds the trees root system; it determines the tree’s “diet.” Without proper soil care and fertilization, just like humans with a poor diet, a tree can become more susceptible disease. On the other hand, a tree in healthy soil can fight disease and its overall lifespan is longer and more fruitful. The soil and fertilization is not something you want to neglect when it comes to your trees and Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can help set up a fertilization program specific and unique to your trees.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we value nature and taking care of the environment. Our passion is to build healthy communities starting with the air we breathe and the aesthetics that properly cared for trees create for all to enjoy. Keep us in mind when diving into home and yard projects as we near springtime. And be sure to call us now so you stay at the front of the line when booking your free estimate appointment. 814-201-9757

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