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Did you hear that we are hiring!? This could be good news for you or someone you know, so pass the post on to your friends and family who are in the tree care industry.

Open Positions

The positions we are hiring for right now!

  • Plant Healthcare Specialist
  • Climbing Arborists
  • Arborist Sales Representative
  • Crane Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Mobile Mechanic

Why You Should Apply

Work for us and we’ll give you more than a job. We’ll give you a career, the opportunity to excel and the support to succeed. We are a rapidly growing company with people that love to step up to meet new challenges and are driven to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. In the words of our company mission: The Cutting Edge Team redefines the boundaries of excellence through tree service and plant health care solutions.

How To Apply

To apply or view the full list and descriptions of open positions, check out our career opportunities page here.

The grapple has a 4,000lb locking grip. Here we're holding a large limb and craning it overtop of a house to the front yard

The field team doing their morning safety training with Certified Arborist Kris Edson

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals_Friendly

Our team is as friendly as this outgoing chipmunk

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