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Our motto and mission at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is to redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree service and plant health care solutions. With how we are growing as a company and the positive feedback from our clients, we know we are headed in the right direction.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we serve the entire State College area of Pennsylvania including in and around the communities of Centre, Lycoming, Clearfield, Dauphin, Juniata, Mifflin, Snyder, Huntingdon and Dauphin Counties. We have also taken up projects in the Harrisburg area, no place is too far nor project too big with our growing and dedicated team.

Right now, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is looking to add value by hiring more crew members. We are seeking the following positions:

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals - Crews Hard at Work
Crew Tying Tree


Our first value at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is Teamwork. This is reflected in what we stand on as a company with helping our teams grow. We know that CETP is greater because of those we work with. And as a company with Christian values and principles, we are humble to recognize that God created us for his purposes, not for our own self-glorification. This means, those we hire are treated with respect and are considered as valuable as even the owners themselves.

With our core value of teamwork, our teams work in alignment with each other and the purpose of our company. We bring safety to the communities we serve through proper tree care. And we help the environment through all of our other plant and tree care solutions.


Our second core value is Integrity. We have integrity by using up to date and safe equipment, by training our crews on the latest tree care standards of care, and by working for the greater good of the community at large. At CETP, we know that every decision from showing up to a site on time, communication processes, and helping the environment with the care we give it, all point to the integrity that we value as a leader in the tree industry.


Our last core value at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is Excellence. We want to excel as a company by pursuing excellence in our training with those we hire and how we relate to all of our customers. We excel by being effective and efficient in our work. All of our jobs have value because at the end of the day, all trees and plants matter. We care for the environment and we care about giving our clients the best that we can in our work and effort.

Why does this matter? As we aim to grow our team, we are looking for those who can stand with us and align with our values. Apply to be a part of the Cutting Edge Tree Professionals team today and make a difference in the central Pennsylvania region.

You can pursue tree work backed up by crews who are redefining the boundaries of excellence with all the pillars we stand on in our core values.

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