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Cutting Edge Tree Pros_Best Pennsylviania Flowering Trees to Plant

Trees are important to yards and properties for lots of reasons. In an article we posted this past fall, we mentioned two ways that trees can save you money. Beyond the financial benefits for planting trees, there are also aesthetic and environmental benefits. We’ve come up with a list for you of the best flowering trees to plant in Pennsylvania. Color, scent, birds, and/or all manner of insects and pollinators can thrive in your yard with these selections!

Flowering Dogwood

The Flowering Dogwood tree does best near woodsy habitats as it prefers shade to full sunlight. It blooms in the spring time making it a beautiful addition to your yard. Because it is a native tree to Pennsylvania, it is easy to grow and can reach up to 40 feet in height. The average expanse of a Flowering Dogwood tree is 25 feet tall with a 15-foot spread.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry trees are native to the USA and grow well in the northeast region. Black Cherry trees are known for their quality of wood and beauty. They bloom in the spring time and the fruit is even edible! Able to withstand cold temperatures makes Black Cherry trees a heartier tree for the often-cold spring season in Pennsylvania. The black cherry tree often attracts birds and butterflies, which is great for pollination! It is most known to be aesthetically appealing in spring and fall seasons with its flowers and leaves.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud trees bloom early in the spring in Pennsylvania. They are attractive for a splash of bright color in dreary spring thanks to its buds and flowers. Redbud trees are native to the northeast region and therefore add to the insect, bird, and even mammal life in Pennsylvania. And who wouldn’t want to a natural habitat for animals in their yard? They grow to be about 30 feet in height and prefer sun and partial shade.


There are a number of varieties of Magnolia trees in Pennsylvania that do well. Magnolia trees are a hearty and versatile tree, meaning they are not as infected by insects and disease as other types of trees in the northeast. Also, Magnolia trees are best known for their beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring time. They reach up to 80 feet, but usually only in warmer climates. In the northeast, they reach approximately 20 feet.

American Fringe

The American Fringe tree is less common, but just as beautiful as the other flowering trees on the list for Pennsylvania. It blooms in the springtime and produces a deep colored berry in the fall. Being a native tree to North America, it does well in varying climates. The full size of the tree at maturation is 15 feet tall, with a 15-foot canopy spread. Because of the small size, it makes a great garden tree and even compliments smaller homes for aesthetic appeal. However, it must be noted that the American Fringe tree takes years to reach full size.

For other tips from one of our professional team members, contact Cutting Edge Tree Professionals today at 814-201-9757. For a list of other types of trees that grow well in Pennsylvania, check out a former article we posted: 5 Best Trees to Plant in Pennsylvania.

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