Closer Look at How Shrubs Help Your Property

Shrubs are a useful plant for homeowners and landscape artists. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we don’t just care for trees but plants of all kinds. From plant health care and disease prevention to even planting, we know the benefits of various plants. Today we are taking a closer look at shrubs (which have two or more stems that make the plant, rather than a single trunk like a tree) and how they can help your property year-round in Pennsylvania.

1. Type: Evergreen and Flowering

There are evergreen and flowering shrubs that do well in Pennsylvania. Evergreen shrubs can add color and appeal to your yard and garden even in the winter. Flowering shrubs do the same in spring and summer months. By looking at both evergreen and flowering shrubs your property, yard, and garden can stand out year-round.

2. Size

Given that shrubs are generally small, they can add aesthetic appeal in your garden by standing out from taller trees. Shrubs help gardens look fuller. Some shrubs grow small, just inches off the ground. And some bigger, standing as tall as some trees. Given the varying sizes of shrubs, they can make a statement piece in a smaller yard or garden where a tree might get in the way of structures because of height.

3. Shape

Often, shrubs make great borders and edges in your garden, yard, and property. Shrubs are easy to maintain and are generally low maintenance. These are useful for showing off aspects of your garden over others.

In conclusion, shrubs can be a great key element to your property. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we have installed various plants and trees for clients, including shrubs. If you have questions on this topic, you can give our office a call at 814-207-9757. We’re here to help your plants thrive!



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