Late summer and early fall is the time of the year to be aware of trees holding up “flags” that indicate disease and decay. When we talk about ‘flagged trees‘, we’re referring to those showing visible signs of distress, disease, or aging. These signs often present themselves as abnormalities in the foliage, bark, or overall appearance of the tree. Recognizing flagged trees early can often make the difference between deploying an intervention to save the tree or standing by as the tree’s health continues to decline, potentially necessitating removal. The ability to identify and respond to these flags is key to maintaining the overall health of our tree-enriched landscapes. You’ll know there is an issue with your trees when you know what the signs are to look for.


Things to look out for this year with your trees:

  • Are your trees dropping leaves earlier than others?
  • Is the foliage of your trees changing color sooner than the season calls?
  • Are there excessive brown marks or scabs on the leaves of your trees?
  • How does the bark look – do you see cracking, peeling, or shedding?

If any of these indicators are happening in your trees you will want to call a certified arborist to take a look. Plant health care and tree wellness are a huge part of what we do at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals.


What we can do for you:

  • Check for tree diseases (including bacterial and fungal concerns)
  • Treat for non beneficial insects
  • Come up with a treatment plan for your specific trees, no two trees are exactly alike, and may

    need modifications for how we treat

  • Soil and Plant Sample Testing
  • Determining the risk level of a specific tree

By calling Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we’ll send an Arborist Representative to your site. Site visits can range from a 15 minute assessment ($19), a more in depth evaluation ($99), and extensive consultations that can last several hours ($299+) depending on your needs. Book an appointment today and you get to choose which visitation level you want.

Plant health care and tree wellness matter. If you want healthy trees that can live their fullest life, making a difference in your yard, garden, and property, then pay attention to the flags by trees. This careful attention is especially important as summer wraps up and we move into fall.