Getting Rid of the Spotted Lantern Fly

One seasonal problem we see pop up each fall: dealing with the spotted lantern fly (SLF), which is known for destroying crops and trees. Because of the seasonal issue, we’ve put together a short list of ways to get rid of this invasive species in Pennsylvania. Read on if you are worried about spotted lantern flies this fall.

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1. Call Your Local Arborist

First and foremost, you can call your local arborist. This is certifiably the best way to get rid of the SLF and their eggs. With training and knowledge on how to treat trees and shrubs properly, your local arborist will be able to effectively remove the insect, without causing added stress to the tree.

2. Use Circle Traps

Secondly, you can use Circle Traps. Additionally, Penn State Extension recommends circle traps as a way to catch “nymphs” when they fall out of trees and climb back up to feed again. They say the nymph behavior is predictable and as a result, traps are effective depending on the number.

3. Spray With Vinegar

Also, you can spray the SLF and its eggs with vinegar. Vinegar is a strong cleaning agent that can be used against spotted lantern flies without damaging the plant. As a matter of fact, some people use vinegar to clean leaves of indoor and greenhouse plants. By spraying the SLF eggs and grown flies, they will die effectively.

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Furthermore, you can use diatomaceous earth (DE).  DE is a powder made from silica- the skeleton of tiny organisms found in water such as rivers and lakes. This powder repels insects naturally and can be ordered online. Spray spotted lantern flies with DE, or DE mixed with water, and they will slowly die out.

Additional Information

Additionally, Penn State Extension suggests targeting the SLF eggs through the winter months so that new populations won’t take over trees the next season. The source link below explains how to do this effectively.

By and large, our list is just a start with how you can combat the problem of spotted lantern flies in Pennylvania. If you have additional methods you’ve used and have worked, help us get the conversation going by leaving a comment below!

All in all, whichever manner you choose to target spotted lantern flies, be sure to contact CETP with your questions and concerns. Use our online contact form or call us at 814-201-9757. We are here with safe and effective solutions for your plants that may be over run by this invasive species.