We’ve pulled together a simple list to make sure that your trees are taken care of this fall into winter. It’s important to take steps to make sure that your trees, shrubs, and property are fully winterized. Following this simple list will save you problems through the winter and allow your tree to thrive more fully in the spring.

1. Check for tree safety hazards

 You can call Cutting Edge Tree Professionals to do a site check for hazardous trees. Winter storms and the heaviness of snow and ice can cause problems for loose limbs. Unhealthy trees or damaged from pests and disease can be tested by a professional. Have peace of mind this winter by checking your trees for safety hazards now.

2. Get your fall planting done

Fall is the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. In the fall, trees’ roots grow and deepen to be able to survive through the winter. After the intense growing season of summer is over, fall is the season that plants put their energy into their roots. Which in turn allows the trees to be ready for spring. The roots are stable by the time spring hits and plants “come back to life” to start also growing leaves, flowers, and fruits. Make sure you check off fall planting from your list as you can see how important a role this season has in the tree’s life.

3. Water your evergreens

Evergreens still need water and nutrients from the soil to keep their needles through the winter months. When the ground freezes in the winter, evergreens are at risk for winter burn and losing their needles. Watering your evergreens now will prevent winter damage. It will give your trees a base going into the winter for root growth and maintaining the life of the tree during the months that it really matters.

4. Get fall fertilizing done

Similarly, fall fertilizing is important for preparing the ground with extra nutrients for winter. Don’t skip this step on the checklist when it comes to preparing your trees this fall. Fertilizing has many benefits… “During the dormant season, it’s natural for your lawn’s growth and energy to come to a near standstill. A fall feeding gives grass [and trees] a big dose of essential nutrients to store for when they’re needed most: the spring growing season.”

Let Us Help With the Process

In short, this check list will help you stay focused this fall in preparing your yard for winter. If you have questions, be sure to contact Cutting Edge Tree Professionals so that we can help you through the process this winter.


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