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At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we take all parts of our work seriously. There is danger in climbing, trimming, and dismantling trees to both people and properties. Even though it’s risky, we still love what we do. Cultivating nature, preserving trees, helping ward off pests and diseases, and protecting homes and properties from hazardous trees are important parts of what we do every day. In Pennsylvania, there is endless amounts of tree care work, year-round. With that in mind, one way that we make sure that we mitigate the risk of our work is to ensure that we are using top of the line equipment.

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Why equipment matters

Below is a list of reasons why proper equipment matters in the tree care industry and why it’s so important that you hire teams who take their equipment seriously.

  1. With proper equipment we can be more effective with the types of jobs we take on
  2. Proper equipment adds to property safety
  3. Teams with up-to-date equipment are more likely to have up-to-date training
  4. Better, up-to-date equipment means the surrounding environment is better protected
  5. Equipment like the tree mek and bucket truck means there are fewer crew members in dangerous trees which ensures safety of teams

The most important equipment we use

It’s not easy to pinpoint the exact most important equipment that we use, since all of our equipment has purpose. But we do put high value on our tree mek and bucket truck. The tree mek and bucket truck provide our crews, the surrounding environment, and the properties we work on extra safety.

  1. When we use our tree mek, it ensures that we don’t have to have a climber in dangerous trees when we do our work.
  2. The way a tree mek is constructed limits extra debris, since limbs and branches are more controlled. This helps protect the surrounding environment properties.
  3. Our bucket truck allows our crews easy access to higher limbs, without needing to climb, which is another safety factor in our work.

Tree equipment maintenance

Following the types of equipment we use, the maintenance itself is key too.

Properly maintained equipment is the other side of the equipment coin that we take seriously at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. For the sake of clients, crews, and the environment, proper maintenance is fundamental to a professional tree care operation. To stay top of the line with operations, maintaining equipment is a must.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we do daily maintenance on our equipment to ensure all of our tools are in working, safe conditions.

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To Wrap Up

We hope that this general overview of equipment gives snapshot into an important part of the tree care industry.

If you want top of the line tree care services, be sure the company you hire is on the “cutting-edge” with equipment. Equipment is a starting point for best practices when it comes to proper tree maintenance. In central Pennsylvania, you can be sure of quality services at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals because of our equipment, maintenance, and training that goes with it.