What we give you

Did you hear that we are hiring!? This could be good news for you or someone you know, so pass the post on to your friends and family who are in the tree care industry.

Work for us and we’ll give you more than a job. We’ll give you a career, the opportunity to excel and the support to succeed. We are a rapidly growing company with people that love to step up to meet new challenges and are driven to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. In the words of our company mission: The Cutting Edge Team redefines the boundaries of excellence through tree service and plant health care solutions.

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Here’s what our team members are saying

“Cutting Edge offers me a continued learning experience. Education leads to expertise in my job and more confidence as an individual.” -Steve M.

“Working here made me realize I am ready to challenge a new task. That task would be going from a Mechanic to a Maintenance Manager.” -Ted S.

“Goals are set and very clear. I think the whole team tries to reach them, if for no other reason, because Nate and Jake are the biggest cheerleaders for the Team. Its really hard to not be motivated by these two.” -Robynn G.

“… CETP helps by giving me the opportunity to use their equipment and jobs to achieve everything.” -Draven Z.

Current open positions

  • Plant Healthcare Specialist
  • Climbing Arborists
  • Arborist Sales Representative
  • Crane Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Mobile Mechanic
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