At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we want to keep our readers up to date on the tree and plant health care services that we offer; that way you’ll never miss out!

As spring time is already here, we have come up with a short list to help make your springtime yard and plant heath check easier. Use this four-step list on your own, or call our team and we will schedule a site visit, to make sure your yard is ready for spring! These are important steps to take a look at the safety and health of your trees and plants.

Get through the spring season knowing your yard is in its top-notch state!

Step 1. Inspect limbs and branches

In the springtime, it’s easier to see if branches are structurally sound before the leaves grow in for summer. Structurally sound trees are important for the safety of your home and property. With a limb and branch inspection, you’ll know that your trees are solid.

Too many emergency tree care situations occur because of summer storms. Though not every incident can be prevented, some can. And with this step, you can go into the summer months knowing that the limbs and branches are secure now.

Step 2. Inspect tree trunks

Like step one, trunks of trees give off signs of health with both structural issues and unwanted plant diseases and pests. To inspect tree trunks now will help to gauge if any treatments are needed before the intense growth period of summer.

Step 3. Fertilization

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we offer fertilization services to help the overall health of trees and plants in your yard. Fertilization will put back vital nutrients that trees and plants need for the intense growth periods of summer. Fertilization also helps trees and plants fight diseases and pests that could be an issue at various growing stages. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we understand the chemistry required to feed trees the right kind of supplementation to keep them healthy.  We can help you with this important step of spring yard clean up.

Step 4. Watch the leaves

If you notice the leaves growing in yellow in the spring it could be a sign of over-watered plants and trees. Excess moisture can cause leaf discoloration. Make sure you’re watching the leaves of your plants and trees and if you do see yellow instead of green this spring, call Cutting Edge Tree Professionals and we can get you on the schedule for proper treatment.

You’re not alone, we can help!

By following these four steps for tree and plant health care health (structurally, with soil, and disease signs) you know your yard and property will be in good condition as seasons change once more. This is a good time of the year to get on top of issues before the summer burst in growth. Call Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for your site visit and we’ll do a thorough walk through. You’re not alone in the process of caring for the trees and plants on your yard. We are here to help! Call us at 814-201-9757 or send us a message by using our contact form.