One of the best things about trees is that we get to have fun with them! This short article gives you four creative ideas for things that you can do with tees in your backyard. Use these as ways to surprise your kids, or to get your grand-kids outside helping you to make a fun space for them! Join your partner, and work together to create something new with your backyard. With summer just around the corner, these tree projects will be great to have in your back pocket. Make the coming days and months memorable with nature, trees, and creativity.

Build a low ropes course or playground

Trees and rope courses go together! With creativity you can turn what was once just two trees into an obstacle course with a net to climb across or spider web to crawl through.

Install a rope swing, tire swing, or bench swing

With sturdy rope, you can repurpose an old tire or wooden bench and turn them into a fun swing. Or you can just use the rope itself and with a solid knot or loop to stand in, you and your family will be on the way to swinging in no time.

Install some tree lighting to enhance the evening “atmosphere” or improve visibility

All it takes is some cool, outdoor lights light these  and a power source to up level your outdoor space. Grab some chairs and pillows and what was once an underused space in your backyard is now a trendy spot to hang out with family and friends in the evenings.

Install bird houses and bird feeders on trees

Making bird houses or bird feeders is a great activity to do with kids on a rainy day. Installing them outside on your trees can be the outdoor part of connecting with kids or grand-kids. Then, watch the birds come (and other critters)! If you don’t have kids or grand-kids, let one of these ideas inspire you with friends or your significant other.

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What ideas do you have?

This is our list for you! What would you add to it? Comment below and we’ll do our best to respond quickly.

As always, contact your local arborist Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for questions for advice with your tree care!