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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Summer Considerations for Spongy Moth

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This has been another year of significantly high Lymantria dispar, or spongy moth (formerly “gypsy moth”) populations across much of Pennsylvania. What should you be doing this time of year? The spongy moth life cycle is about complete, we are past the point of peak defoliation and trees are trying to push out new leaves. […]

Why Teams Matter Most

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Repurposing an old post for our readers for a month on teamwork. Our motto at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is to redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree services and plant health care solutions. Part of how we do that is to serve people throughout the central Pennsylvania region. We will go out of our […]

Welcome To The Team!

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Dave is currently a sales and consulting representative with Cutting Edge Tree Professionals located in Pleasant Gap, Centre County Pennsylvania. His primary responsibilities include establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and assisting them with their tree care projects. His focus is on the customer’s goals while caring for their trees and property. Dave earned a […]