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A beginner’s guide to understanding tree responsibility!

Did you know can save yourself time, money and relationships in the long run by understanding now which trees on and along your property are your responsibility or not? Not every tree near and crossing your property lines are yours to deal with. As a matter of fact, many times trees on and close to property lines are someone else’s or a shared responsibility and knowing the difference can help you get along with neighbors better and save you money now and in the future if issues arise, especially with hazardous trees.

Below are 4 simple ways to tell if a tree is your responsibility or not. This is a short list and is not intended to be exhaustive or to provide any legal advice.

  1. If a tree splits a property line, then it is the owners’ shared responsibility to treat, tend, and remove it if it becomes hazardous.
  2. If a neighbor’s tree along your property line is hazardous then it is their responsibility to remove the tree, or parts of the tree that are hazardous.
  3. Right of way trees are not always your responsibility to care for. We recommend reaching out to your municipality to save money on trees that you may have been caring for, when the responsibility lies on the city, borough, or town. However, the city may not “foot the bill” for a hazard tree removal or even with tree care, in which case you’ll want to be prepared to take that on.
  4. Schedule a call with Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. We can help you navigate removal and care for trees that are on your property, especially when they are hazardous.

Knowing and understanding tree responsibility can save you time down the road, money, and even relationships with your neighbors when issues arise. It’s important to stay in-the-know with tree responsibility.

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