While many of us are aware of the task we hire a professional tree company to complete, few know exactly what is going on in the process of completing these tasks. Ever wonder what tools an arborist is using on your property? Read on for a better understanding of arborist equipment and why they are chosen for the job at hand!

Industry Specific Trucks

First and foremost, work trucks. If a tree service company shows up in an old pick-up truck, this could be a clue that you may have hired a less than reputable company. The type of truck an arborist arrives in should provide them with more than just a mode of transportation. The type of truck you can expect the professional to show up in will depend on which service you hire them for. Here are two of the most common work trucks an arborist may arrive in for two different types of tree services:

  1. Dump truck

Featuring an open-bed cargo area, large towing capacity support, and a high-capacity hoist system, the dump truck serves as an essential accompaniment for the professional arborist. The dump truck makes for a successful, quick, clean, and efficient completion in any tree service, but especially those that require tree trimming.

  1. Bucket Truck

Featuring an attached aerial lift, it is designed to safely lift the arborist off the ground while allowing the bucket to reposition. The bucket truck makes it possible for an arborist to reach a height of large measure they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Climbing Gear

Believe it or not, hoisting into the air is not the most dangerous aspect of an arborists work. That title belongs to climbing. Climbing is the number one reason of injury when caring for trees. When it comes to protection measures, an arborist greatly relies on their climbing gear. There are many different pieces of climbing equipment to choose from and given the large safety threat the act presents; the highly populated market is for good reason. Here are a few pieces you may see your arborist using:

  1. Spurs
  2. Harness
  3. Pulleys
  4. Straps

The professional will keep safety in mind and bring climbing gear along with them when arriving at a job site where they intend to climb.

Stump Grinder

Removing a tree stump is easier said than done. Much of the time it requires professional attention as the machinery required in successful removal can be very dangerous to operate. A stump grinder uses a powerful, rotating blade to remove a tree stump as well as the roots it leaves behind. There are four main benefits to stump grinding:

  1. Aesthetics and space

Tree stumps can make for a bit an eye sore when they make home out of a backyard. Removing them instantly improves the visual appearance of your property while simultaneously growing the square footage of your property you’re able to make use of.

  1. Protection from diseases

Insects love tree stumps and keeping one in your yard is seen as a welcome mat for insects to move in and bring their diseases with them. Protect your property and get rid of tree stumps!

  1. Prevent injuries

Tree stumps pose a major safety issue. They can be a major tripping hazard; especially if you have small children or are a senior citizen. It is a necessary safety measure to have tree stumps removed from your property.

  1. Stop regrowth

Stump grinding ensures the tree you might have just paid to be removed does not return. Because both the stump and the roots below it are removed in the process, you don’t have to worry about regrowth.

Grapple Saw

Also known as a game changer by arborists worldwide, the grapple saw combines various advantages and functions all in one machine. Featuring a highly powered chainsaw that can cut through wood within seconds and a strong grapple that locks onto a tree allowing the operator to lower the limb in full control, it is a common equipment choice for many arborists. Here are some reasons an arborist may choose to use a grapple saw while working on your property:

  1. Controlled from the ground through a remote-control unit, it is the safest method of tree removal
  2. Eliminates the need for climbing, rigging, and cutting by hand
  3. It’s speedy yet efficient work creates for a successful and safe way for performing a task

Grapple saws are highly versatile. They can be used when completing jobs small to large as they can be installed on a variety of vehicles.


As trees require many different factors of care, it is important for an arborist to have many pieces of equipment. The equipment an arborist uses ensures the completion of a task most effectively and safely.

Did you recognize these pieces of equipment? Comment down below if you did! If not, we hope the next time an arborist visits your property you will have a better understanding of the equipment they use.