Caring for your yard without the proper tools can feel like a battle to any homeowner. This can lead to an unkempt, messy lawn and lots of frustration. Here is our list of the top 5 yard tools for every homeowner to keep in their arsenal to avoid frustration and messy lawns:

Lawn mower

Having access to a lawn mower will make it easy to maintain your constantly growing lawn. Keeping your grass freshly trimmed is one of the quickest ways to make your home look tidy and polished. It also increases property value, which means a lawnmower investment is good long term.

When it comes to picking the proper mower for your lawn, the decision can be overwhelming. To help you decide, here are our 3 key steps to find your lawn mower:

  1. First, choose your blade type. There are two types of blades: cylinder and rotary. Cylinder blades are good for a variety of grass types. They are long-lasting and less susceptible to damage than rotary. Rotary blades tend to be more efficient and give a closer cut to the grass.
  2. Second, buy the correct size mower. With a properly sized lawn mower, your trimming will be much more efficient. Most of the time, the larger your lawn, the larger mower you will need to complete the job in a reasonable time. However, larger mowers are harder to maneuver around hills and corners. Take into consideration any obstacles your machine may need to maneuver around when thinking about what size to buy.
  3. Finally, choose the style you like best. There are four main styles of lawn mowers: petrol, cordless, mains electric, and hand-powered. Petrol lawn mowers are powerful and suitable for the majority of lawns. They are easy to handle but very loud. Cordless mowers are battery-powered and suitable for a variety of lawns. They are lighter and quieter than petrol. They also require less maintenance. If you choose to go cordless, be sure to invest in a battery that will last for the entirety of your work. Mains electric mowers are cord powered, making them good for smaller lawns with easy access to power. They are clean, quiet, and very easy to maintain. Lastly, hand-powered mowers. These machines are powered entirely by the user. Their main attribute is their durability. This style will last years if cared for properly, but will take longer to use than an eclectic lawn mower.

Pruning Shears

Trimming your unruly plants and bushes is important for more than aesthetics. Properly caring for foliage can prevent disease and keep your plants looking healthy and beautiful year-round. If you want to learn more about pruning check out our blog post on “Why Winter is a Great Time to have your Trees Pruned”. When looking to invest in pruners, there are four main types: bypass, straight blade, anvil, and ratchet.

  1. Bypass shears are the most common pruners. They are best for flexible branches like flower stems or small trees. These shears can cut larger branches but will dull quicker, so be sure to use proper maintenance. For more information about caring for your pruning shears, check out this article from the University of New Hampshire.
  2. Straight blade shears are smaller and best for intricate work. They can access small spaces that bypass shears cannot, but they are also limited in the size of branches they can trim. Straight blades will not be able to get through every branch, but they are great for flower trimming and small work.
  3. The anvil pruner is much bulkier than the bypass and the straight. While it is powerful enough to cut dead branches or thicker wood, its strength makes it less versatile than the bypass because it can damage small plants and branches.
  4. Ratchet pruners are very similar to anvils, however, they have a mechanism that allows the user to cut the branch in stages. This makes it easier for gardeners with small or weak hands to use.


This basic tool is one of the most versatile yard tools on the market. From digging out roots to flattening sand, the shovel is a simple necessity for every homeowner. There are many styles of shovel, but for the everyday gardener, there are three main options: round point, square point, and garden spade.

  1. The round point is the most universal shovel. It is great for all-around yard work because it can get through compact and loose soil alike.
  2. The square point is best for moving materials. Its shape allows it to hold more than the round point can, and it is similar in capability for digging.
  3. The garden spade is good for cutting through roots and compact soil. Though not as useful for carrying materials, its precision can make planting and border work much easier.


A wheelbarrow is a great tool for efficient workers. Being able to quickly carry heavy loads across the lawn makes yard work fast and easy. When looking into purchasing a wheelbarrow, the only real difference between models is their size. Invest in a wheelbarrow that will be large enough for your average work, and small enough to be stored easily.


Whether for collecting leaves, or evening soil, the rake is a versatile necessity. Cleaning off debris on your grass will not only improve the look of your lawn but keep your plants happy and healthy. While there are many different models of rakes, there are two main styles to look for when choosing a rake.

  1. If you are often doing light raking such as leaves, or other light and dry material, invest in a standard-duty rake. This is usually a plastic, lightweight tool that is often pretty cheap.
  2. If you are moving wet or mixed materials like soil, a more heavy-duty rake is for you. Invest in a sturdy, metal tool that will withstand compact materials.

With these 5 yard work tools, you will be set up for success in the battle to keep your yard and garden looking clean and protected from pests and diseases. If you are ever in need of backup, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is here to help with our arsenal of industrial tools and can help advise and complete jobs big and small. Call us today for a free estimate at (814) 201-9757 or use our online scheduler here.

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