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The Top 5 Tools Every Homeowner Needs for Yard Work

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Caring for your yard without the proper tools can feel like a battle to any homeowner. This can lead to an unkempt, messy lawn and lots of frustration. Here is our list of the top 5 yard tools for every homeowner to keep in their arsenal to avoid frustration and messy lawns: Having access to […]

“The other tree guy said….”

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Be aware of the dangers and risks of hiring just any tree service to handle your tree project.  This article touches on price, equipment, and more when it comes to identifying a legit company or one that may cause more harm than good for your wallet, property, or the trees they work on. “The other […]

Why “Cutting-Edge” Equipment Matters

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At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we take all parts of our work seriously. There is danger in climbing, trimming, and dismantling trees to both people and properties. Even though it’s risky, we still love what we do. Cultivating nature, preserving trees, helping ward off pests and diseases, and protecting homes and properties from hazardous trees […]