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The Best Flowering Trees to Plant in Pennsylvania

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Trees are important to yards and properties for lots of reasons. In an article we posted this past fall, we mentioned two ways that trees can save you money. Beyond the financial benefits for planting trees, there are also aesthetic and environmental benefits. We’ve come up with a list for you of the best flowering […]

Tree Trimming v Tree Pruning – What’s The Difference?

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Though pruning and trimming don’t mean the same thing, the two words often get mixed up with each other. We wanted to bring some clarity on the difference, especially as it gets close to spring and summer seasons when many people call for trimming and pruning services. Trimming is mostly for aesthetic purposes. It helps […]

5 Creative Ideas to Upcycle Your Christmas Tree

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Taking care of the environment is one of the key reasons for why we do our work at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. We’ve collected a few ideas of things you can do to upcycle your Christmas Tree. You too can care for the environment by getting rid of your tree in a creative way. Put […]

Winter Planting – When It Works

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One job we’ve enjoyed this past week in December was a tree and shrub planting project. Though many people wouldn’t consider wintertime feasible for yard planting, we’ve come up with tips for how it can work!

7 Places for Unique Outside Decor in State College

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Though it really might not feel like it thanks to the weather we are having right now, summer is right around the corner. For many of us, that means that we spend more time outdoors, we decorate our yards so that they look great, and we try to compete with our neighbors. There is no […]

9 Best Places in State College to Get Yard Supplies

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It is almost spring in State College, which means that it is time to get started on preparing your garden for the planting season. However, what we have found is that too many people aren’t using the proper yard supplies and end up hurting themselves or not doing the right things for their years. In […]