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Arborist Equipment

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Arborist Equipment While many of us are aware of the task we hire a professional tree companiy to complete, few know exactly what is going on in the process of completing these tasks. Ever wonder what tools an arborist is using on your property? Read on for a better understanding of arborist equipment and why […]

New Invasive Insects: What you can do to protect your Hemlocks

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Two introduced insects are significantly impacting our state tree’s growth and survival, hemlock wooly adelgid and elongate hemlock scale. Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA, Adelges tsugae) is an aphid-like insect, native to Asia. HWA feed on tree sap by inserting their mouthparts at the base of the needles and removing plant fluids. Their feeding causes the […]

The Intermediate Guide: Winterization of Trees 

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When your weekends consist of lounging in front of the fireplace, cozying up with a warm blanket, and watching holiday movies on marathon; don’t forget about the icon of the holiday season- trees. Winterization of trees should start now! It is essential to give trees attention, love, and care as they battle against winter weather. […]

Why Teams Matter Most

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Repurposing an old post for our readers for a month on teamwork. Our motto at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is to redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree services and plant health care solutions. Part of how we do that is to serve people throughout the central Pennsylvania region. We will go out of our […]

What Research Says About the Shyness Crown

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You’ve probably seen photos or aerial footage in movies of crown shyness, but may have never really known what it is or why it is. Maybe you’ve even walked through a forest where light hits the ground between each tree easily where crown shyness has taken over the trees above you, and still maybe never […]

Announcing: Free Day of Service Project by Cutting Edge Tree Professionals

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At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we believe that the community is a big part of our success, which is why we want to give back to the same community that has helped us achieve our success. Our entire company will be involved in this project and we look forward to being able to provide one […]