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Winter Tree Pruning – Why It Works

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Tree pruning and trimming doesn’t need to be limited to when you see your trees alive with leaves in warm seasons. You can also think about tree pruning in the winter. There are a few reasons why tree care in the winter is important. First, it can be easier to inspect trees in the winter […]

Tree Root Damage – What You Can Do

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We still have a couple of more weeks of mowing weather this year and at Cutting Edge Tree professionals we wanted to point out the importance of tree care when the roots protrude from the ground. This is something specially to look out for when we’re trying to do a simple thing—take care of our […]

8 Places to Get Your Dream Yard in State College

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It is something you’ve probably thought about before: your dream yard. Does it contain a garden? For most of us in State College, a luscious garden with strong trees and colorful flowers are prominent in our dream gardens. That garden is possible. However, that garden isn’t something you can get if you get any old […]

Winter Tree Pruning 101

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Winter Tree Pruning: Why Should I Prune? Safety, one of our company’s main Core Values, is the most important reason properly pruning trees and shrubs on your property matters. The University of Minnesota Extension cites two main reasons to prune trees and shrubs: Protect People and Your Property Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs […]