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Last Minute Ways To Prepare Your Yard For Winter

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Even if you aren’t ready for it, wintertime is here and for many of us, it is here with a wrath. With everyone from the Farmer’s Almanac to the regional weathermen declaring that this winter will be a rough one for our part of Pennsylvania, you might be thinking about what you can do to […]

State College, PA Winter Preparedness Checklist

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Although it seemed like it was never going to truly get chilly, all of a sudden the temperatures have fallen, and we are in a situation wherein the cold seems colder than it ever has in the past. Winds, rainfall, sleet, and yes, snow, are all on their way, so you have to make certain […]

7 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in State College

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The Christmas season is just around the corner – and for many of us, it is already here. One of the things that causes stress to many people is where to purchase a Christmas tree. It can be difficult because here in State College, we have a lot of options. In many places, you have […]

9 Scary Things to Get Checked This Fall in State College

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Last month, we talked about some of the fun things that you can do to prepare for fall – things that you might not want to do, so you can hire someone else to do. This month, we’re going to cover all of the things that you should get checked, but you cannot do yourself. […]

Preparing for Autumn: 7 Companies to Reach Out to in State College

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Winter is coming, we are all prepared for that since the Farmer’s Almanac tells us that it will be the worst winter of all time. However, with talk of the hottest summer and the fiercest winter, fall kind of gets left behind. Still, fall is a fantastic season that is filled with so many amazing […]