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The Top 5 Tools Every Homeowner Needs for Yard Work

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Caring for your yard without the proper tools can feel like a battle to any homeowner. This can lead to an unkempt, messy lawn and lots of frustration. Here is our list of the top 5 yard tools for every homeowner to keep in their arsenal to avoid frustration and messy lawns: Having access to […]

Arborist Equipment

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Arborist Equipment While many of us are aware of the task we hire a professional tree companiy to complete, few know exactly what is going on in the process of completing these tasks. Ever wonder what tools an arborist is using on your property? Read on for a better understanding of arborist equipment and why […]

9 Fence Companies in Centre County You Want to Know About

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We talk a lot about protecting your yard and property at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. One important piece of your property is the fence that keeps pets or children in and safe. Fences also add a clear boundary for your yard to stay protected and private. A final big reason for getting a fence is […]

How to winterize your yard tools

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Last month we posted and article of a simple fall tree checklist to start to prepare for winter, but what about your yard tools? Is there anything you can or should do to preserve your yard tools better? Take inventory of your lawnmower, sprinkler systems, leaf blowers, power wash equipment, chainsaws, trimmers, and any other […]

9 Best Places in State College to Get Yard Supplies

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It is almost spring in State College, which means that it is time to get started on preparing your garden for the planting season. However, what we have found is that too many people aren’t using the proper yard supplies and end up hurting themselves or not doing the right things for their years. In […]