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Tree Service Serving Central Pennsylvania

Cutting Edge is a local, Christian company whose mission is to

redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree service and plant healthcare solutions.

As a highly credentialed company, we focus on our customers' goals while caring for their trees and shrubs.

You can expect a rewarding experience when working with our team of professionals

on your next tree removal project or tree care plan.

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In a Nutshell:

We know the environmental and biological science of trees, forests, and landscapes which allows us to treat them for diseases and pests. If necessary we will prune and remove them. We're a highly credentialed, Christian company with certified arborists.

Whether we’re monitoring and treating to prevent the spread of pests and diseases or trimming, removing, and maintaining shrubs and trees we’re confident you'll be glad you chose to work with dedicated, passionate professionals that care as much as you do about your property. Together we can restore or maintain your sanctuary as a place of peace, goodness and blessing to your family.

In 2015 we decided to start Cutting Edge Tree Professionals and that winter we started pruning and removing hazard trees. It was just us (both owners) and a pickup truck which is really all you need for a basic service, but we wanted to be able to help more people, and that’s what it's really been about. The name ‘Cutting Edge’ came from the idea that we want to be on the cutting edge of tree science, technology, safety, professionalism and customer service. All the things that people really want in the company they hire. Our main goal when working with our clients is to give them a rewarding experience and figure out exactly how to make their property turn out the way they want it, and to treat them with care and respect the whole way from start to finish. When you’ve approved your project and we’re at your property our main goals are first and above all the safety of our clients and our team. The second most important thing is the quality of our work. This means making sure your trees get taken care of the best way possible with the latest science and innovation. We have a really great, really smart group of guys and gals. They’re very professional and interact with our customers day to day. They’re the face of our company and help assist our clients professionally with courtesy and thoughtfulness. There are a handful of us on our team, and it’s a really great number because we’re so automated with our equipment and technology that we can help out with the smallest jobs and when needed we are fully capable of the biggest most complicated jobs.

Working in Harrisburg and the surrounding suburbs of Dauphin County

Property line trees in close neighborhoods can require delicate care, tact, and diplomacy when planning and performing tree work. Our Arborist Representatives can help guide you through the process of getting tree work done in these situations. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to work on trees in any location.

Cutting Edge Reforestation Initiative:

Last year we gave away 400+ tree seedlings to homeowners who helped us accomplish our Reforestation Initiative by replanting trees at their homes. It was such a great success that we've decided to do it again this year! For every tree we remove we give you two seedlings to replace it to help keep our planet green!

International Society of
Arboriculture (ISA)
Member & Certified Arborist


Certified Tree Care Safety
Professional (CTSP)


Tree Care Industry
Association (TCIA)
Accredited Member


TCIA Tree care
Academy Certified


Electrical Hazards
Awareness Program


PA Licensed


Spotted Lanternfly
Quarantine Zone

NCCCO Certified

Service Area

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals service the entire Central area of Pennsylvania including in and around the communities of Duncannon, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Palmyra, Union Deposit, Campbelltown, Hockersville, Hummelstown, Fort Hunger, Linglestown, Rockville, Paxtonia, Colonial Park, Progress, Hanover Heights, Hanoverdale, Fort Indiantown Gap, Skyline View, Hanoverdale, Hoernerstown, and other areas.

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