Expert Staff

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, our strength lies in the roots of our dedicated and skilled staff.

From the arborists scaling great heights to our knowledgeable support crew on the ground, we are proud to introduce the expert team committed to caring for your leafy neighbors.

Our folks are more than just employees—they are passionate learners, teachers, and guardians of arboriculture who continuously nurture and expand their expertise.

They embody our values, infusing hard work, respect, and a deep commitment into every project.

As we present their portraits on this page, we want you to know how much we value them and their contribution to making Cutting Edge Tree Professionals a leader in tree services.

Meet the faces behind our fruitful work and join us in celebrating their talent and dedication.

Cutting Edge Team are experts

Our certified arborists and dedicated teams of experts are the reason Cutting Edge Tree Professionals delivers such outstanding service.  

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