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Thank you for considering Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for your tree service needs in State College, PA and the surrounding area.

Here is a small collection of the great things our customer family has had to say about us & the work we do. Feel free to read through. Then, just give us a call, and we’ll work to earn the privilege of having you leave your own review for our services!

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Doran and Jo Dreibelbis PA Furnace

We have had the most amazing show of power and perfection we have ever seen. I will send another batch of pictures, from the beginning of the work. Tyler, the "Grapple Man", Draven, the cleanup and detail guy, and what can I say about Austin running the Tree Mek. They were all amazing. They were so careful.and gentle with all the VERY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT. They all acted like they were the owners.
I was so impressed, after what we saw when Lxxxxxxxx did tree work next door. They were so rough with the equipment. And broke the Tree Mek Saw twice, and had to go for parts and held up the work. The operator was out of control when he cut parts off and just left them fall swing free. It was ridiculous. But with Austin, he was in complete control of that machinery. We named him the "Robotic Tree Surgeon", and told him who he worked like Dr. Miller who operated the medical robot when he did my 5.5 hours of internal cancer surgery.

You can all be very proud of these guys, and the work they are doing. They have this place cleaned up perfectly. Thank You Tyler and Draven.

And, the classic move was when Austin, on the Tree Mek, held a log, and handed it off to Tyler on the Grapple Truck. We were watching out the second floor living room windows and we were clapping at that move. We had great seats for this amazing show. Our neighbor (Dave) was in and out watching. We had called him and told him you were coming, and if he needed his car out, to move. Dave had no idea that Y'all had these trucks. I called him after the guys left, and he was totally amazed with the work.

Client, Anonymous State College, PA

“Hearty thanks to a professional crew from Cutting Edge (Cameron, Matt, John, and Tyler) who overcame the challenges of limited site access and grounds thick with mountain laurel to remove two towering white oaks and expertly prune a range of unruly yew bushes and pine trees.

In addition to the commissioned tasks accomplished with dispatch and skill, it was a pleasure for us to watch the crew reconnoiter the site, plot their strategies, rig their ropes and then for us to observe the resultant aerial ballet as the canopy branches of the oaks were cut, lowered, and ferried out to the chipper at the street. The site was left clean of debris when the work was completed.

We also appreciated how each of the crew was responsive to questions or concerns we had over the course of the two days.

Well done! Cutting Edge are decidedly tree professionals.”

Susan Bosak Customer, State College, PA

“Their crew was able to trim two trees within a week of being contacted. They cleaned up the debris and left the area in good condition.”

Brittney M Customer, State College, PA

“Awesome guys! Great price, free estimates. We had about a 25-30ft pine tree right next to our home. Had it down and stump removed in about an hr. Know what they are doing and courteous of your yard and outdoor belongings. Use them!”

Julie M Customer, State College, PA

“Great company to work with. Did great work, good prices, great clean up/haul away and the crew is wonderful. Used more than once and will again when needing tree service.”

Mike Brahosky Customer, State College, PA

“Nate provided top-notch service in tree removal from my residence. Timely, informative, and excellent customer service skills. The estimate was definitely inline for taking down a 40+ Spruce and his courteous consideration extended well beyond me with thoughtful respect to my neighbors. The job was done well, fast, and within budget! Excellent work!! … I highly recommend their services!”

Aaron Pontzer Customer, State College, PA

“I’m very happy with the work that Cutting Edge did at my house. They removed an old tree next to my house and it has really improved my property. They did a great job of cleaning up my lawn afterward and stacking up the wood for me. They completed the work when they said they said they would. They were very safety conscious and informed my neighbors about the work they would be doing. I feel this was a very good value for me to hire Cutting Edge to remove a tree from my lawn. I recommend Cutting Edge Tree Professionals.”

Phyllis Little Customer, State College, PA

“Cutting Edge trimmed a locust tree for me. They showed up when expected, did the job efficiently, and cleaned up after themselves. The price was as promised and was reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Justin Agostinelli Customer, State College, PA

“Jake and Nate at Cutting Edge do a great job when it comes to tree work and maintenance! They have a highly skilled team of Arborists ready to take on any type of project you may have planned! Thanks Cutting Edge for providing excellent, dependable services to my clients! We look forward to many years of working together!!”

Claire Amick Customer, State College, PA

“Courteous professionals with excellent service. Job well done!”

Marilyn Lavelle Customer, State College, PA
“Cutting Edge Tree Professionals are a great group of guys. I really enjoy working with them!”
Peter Romaine Customer, State College, PA
“A truly incredible experience! The Cutting Edge crew was careful, technically competent, and hardworking in removing five 50-ft spruce trees located along side our house. Clean up was superb. Price was very reasonable, the lowest of three estimates we obtained.”
Danielle Lyle Customer, State College, PA
“I highly recommend Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. They did an outstanding job cutting down 2 birch trees that were surrounded by bushes that I didn’t want to be harmed. These trees were also wedged in between my home and the neighbor. They didn’t even touch the bushes. The clean up was impeccable. A very picky customer, highly satisfied. I will be using their services again!”
Anonymous Customer, Park Forest, PA
“We had a crew from Cutting Edge on our Park Forest property over two December days pruning 15 trees. A great bunch they were, so professional in setting goals, in bringing the customer in the evaluation after each tree is done, and in being so courteous. We were so pleased with their work that we both had the independent thought, “What else can we get these fellows to do?” They made us feel as if we were part of the process, asking after each tree was done, what we thought of it, and if there was anything more they should do on it. Their work was meticulous, grounded in knowing the goal of what we wanted to accomplish with the pruning–sometimes retention of privacy, sometimes safety, sometimes more light. They even apologized several times that some of the saw dust could not be picked up because of the snow on the ground. Over the nearly 40 years we have lived here we have had to hire many individuals to prune and take down trees; most of them were more tree hackers than the true tree professionals of Cutting Edge.”