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Cool Timeline



…there was inspiration. Even before Cutting Edge was a glimmer in their eyes, the seeds of inspiration were being sown by family and friends. Nate and Jake were blessed with meaningful relationships whom are too many to name(some named below). They encouraged and inspired the founders and their dreams. We..Learn More


Officially Established

Founded by Nate Durkin (Visionary and CEO) and Jake Allegar (Integrator and COO), Cutting Edge Tree Professionals LLC was officially established as a local business in Boalsburg, PA. The first insurance policy was purchased and bank account was opened.

Cutting Edge Acquired Fuller’s Tree Service

Fuller’s Quality Tree Service is acquired by Cutting Edge and accelerates growth. Todd Fuller dedicated his efforts faithfully throughout the transition by helping transition clients and continue generating business.


Startup Loans Obtained

Cutting Edge obtained it’s first round of funding through family loans. We realize how fortunate we are to have the family that not only has the means to be financially supportive, but also cares for and supports one another. We can also proudly say that these loans were paid back..Learn More

Became Accredited by the TCIA

Became Accredited by the TCIA

We completed the TCIA Accreditation process by fulfilling the 63 point checklist and an on site audit. We continue to uphold these standards and even more!



We unveiled our New Brand and Logo! Our old logo was resurrected from a dead log, to a flourishing tree! The cross in the center represents our Christian beliefs, as well as health. Our colors were changed to Red, White, and Blue. We love our God and our Country!


Launched Our New Vision

Our new vision of Redefining the Boundaries of Excellence was born! Special thanks to Mat Pell for the inspiration behind this!

Introduced Plant Health Care Services

From listening to our clients needs, we took the initiative to broaden our services to include treating trees for health issues. This enables us to help clients preserve their trees. Sometimes for sentimental reasons, and others for environmental. Whatever their cause, Cutting Edge is on a mission to help trees..Learn More

Mechanized Tree Removals Begin

We took delivery of our first Grapple Saw Crane (Tree Mek), and put it into production with fully licensed operators.


Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Cutting Edge Welcomes former employee and entrepreneur Austin Fiedler onto the team as minority owner and new Special Operations Manager. He brings with him Lemur Tree Care, it’s clients and business relationships.