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The Beginner’s Guide to Tree Responsibility

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A beginner’s guide to understanding tree responsibility! Did you know can save yourself time, money and relationships in the long run by understanding now which trees on and along your property are your responsibility or not? Not every tree near and crossing your property lines are yours to deal with. As a matter of fact, […]

Summer Considerations for Spongy Moth

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This has been another year of significantly high Lymantria dispar, or spongy moth (formerly “gypsy moth”) populations across much of Pennsylvania. What should you be doing this time of year? The spongy moth life cycle is about complete, we are past the point of peak defoliation and trees are trying to push out new leaves. […]

Why Teams Matter Most

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Repurposing an old post for our readers for a month on teamwork. Our motto at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is to redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree services and plant health care solutions. Part of how we do that is to serve people throughout the central Pennsylvania region. We will go out of our […]

We’re Hiring!

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Did you hear that we are hiring!? This could be good news for you or someone you know, so pass the post on to your friends and family who are in the tree care industry. The positions we are hiring for right now! Plant Healthcare Specialist Climbing Arborists Arborist Sales Representative Crane Operator Heavy Equipment […]

4 Signs Your Trees May Give That It’s Time To Call An Arborist

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Don’t just take our word for when your trees need trimming or treatment, watch for the signs your trees are sending themselves! When you pay attention to your trees, you’ll see and know when it’s time to take action. We’ve collected four signs your trees might be giving off this spring that will indicate it’s […]

Looking Ahead – Springtime Tree Services

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In our last full month of winter, at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we are already looking ahead to spring tree services. We want to make sure you are covered for what’s coming the upcoming season, and wanted to highlight those spring-clean up activities so that you can stay at the front of the line when […]