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Arborist Equipment

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Arborist Equipment While many of us are aware of the task we hire a professional tree companiy to complete, few know exactly what is going on in the process of completing these tasks. Ever wonder what tools an arborist is using on your property? Read on for a better understanding of arborist equipment and why […]

Winter Planting – When It Works

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One job we’ve enjoyed this past week in December was a tree and shrub planting project. Though many people wouldn’t consider wintertime feasible for yard planting, we’ve come up with tips for how it can work!

7 Best Hardscapers in State College

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When we talk about hardscaping, we are talking about the parts of your yard that aren’t found in nature – things made by cement, like walkways, steps, patios, ponds, flower beds, pergolas, and other things to make your yard more comfortable. These additions can be pricey, but they can also add a lot of usable […]