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Timing Matters: The Best Time to Prune Oak Trees

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Pruning is essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of oak trees. However, timing is crucial when it comes to pruning these majestic beauties. In this blog post, we explore the best time to prune oak trees, providing insights and guidance to ensure their longevity and well-being. The ideal time to prune oak trees is […]

Falling for Oaks: A Seasonal Study of Red Oak and White Oak Trees

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Oaks are a common tree found in Pennsylvania. In fact, the oak/hickory forest type dominates the southern two-thirds of the state. Oaks are well known and enjoyed due to their many attributes, including beauty, timber, food for wildlife, firewood, and their ability to attain a large size. Oak trees aren’t all the same. Sure, they […]

It’s Tick Season: What To Do And What To Avoid With Ticks

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Now that it’s October, it’s time to talk about ticks. According to Penn State Extension, October is prime tick season in Pennsylvania. Given that ticks are so prevalent, we all need to be aware of the effects of ticks forarborists, farmers and others who work outside, or enjoy outdoor fall activities. Read on to learn […]

3 Things You Can Do To Help Pollinators This Fall

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We all know pollinators are important around the world, but how can we help the pollinators in our piece of the world in Pennsylvania? There are some specific actions that you can take this fall and moving forward to help these important insects survive winter and get back to business in the spring. Here are […]