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there was inspiration.

Even before Cutting Edge was a glimmer in their eyes, the seeds of inspiration were being sown by family and friends. Nate and Jake were blessed with meaningful relationships whom are too many to name(some named below). They encouraged and inspired the founders and their dreams. We would like to honor them here:

Dr. Dave Durkin, John and Ed Allegar – Our fathers (and grandfather)-  Entrepreneurially spirited, driven and godly men

Todd Fuller – Jake’s mentor in technical arborist skills and knowledge

Jim Savage – Always encouraging, Jim’s love and enthusiasm for arboriculture is unmatched

Valentina Durkin and Mary Lemmon Allegar – Our supportive wives

Michael Swanson – Minister and friend and fellow entrepreneur, for faith and thoughtful guidance,

Christian Business Leaders – Dan Meade, John Rodgers,  – For open and faithful pursuit of excellence in business

And many others: too many to be fit on this mere web page!