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We are a rapidly growing company with people that love to step up to meet new challenges and are driven to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. In the words of our company mission: The Cutting Edge Team redefines the boundaries of excellence through tree service and plant health care solutions.

Discover your true potential when you experience:

  • Facilitated professional development and skill training
  • Our highly respectful and supportive team of managers and co-workers
  • Satisfaction of knowing your dedication to customers pays off with appreciation and 5-star reviews

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Open Positions

Job Title: Tree Climber/Climbing Arborist


Job Summary: 

The Tree Climber/Climbing Arborist position is not for the faint of heart. With Cutting Edge, our climbers are part of an elite team of professionals who are devoted to achieving Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence in the field every day. Cutting Edge is a local, Christian company located in central Pennsylvania, in a place commonly known as Happy Valley. 


Happy Valley is filled with beautiful neighborhoods, parks, people and of course, trees! As a highly credentialed company, we strive to focus on our customers’ goals while caring for their trees and properties. With the most advanced equipment available in our industry, and a work environment your family would be proud of, you will not be disappointed to work with our growing team. 


Responsibilities and Duties: 

Tree Climbing for pruning & removals.

Ground work such as felling trees, pruning, use of rigging equipment, raking, and leaf blowing.

Operating aerial lifts. 

Operating chainsaws and other cutting tools.

Operating Dump Trucks and Wood Chippers.

Climbing with crane assistance. 

Maintaining climbing gear. 

Participating in daily training.

Pretripping trucks and equipment.

Reading, understanding, and following digital work orders.

Properly completing Pre-job Hazard forms.

Properly completing Job Completion/Feedback reports.

Effectively communicating with team members, sales reps, and customers to accomplish the goal. 

Adhering to safety guidelines.

Performing work in accordance with best practices, policies, and procedures (OSHA, ANSI z133 and A300 standards).


Optimal Qualifications and Skills:

2+ Years climbing experience.

Stationary and Moving rope systems experience.

Drivers license.

Transportation to and from work. 

Must be coachable.

Good attitude.

Work ethic. 

Basic dendrology.

Commercial Drivers License.

ISA Certified Arborist.

Board Certified Master Arborist.

Higher education/Degree in the green industry.


Salary and Benefits:

Competitive Salary - Pay will depend upon experience and qualifications

Merit based pay raises

Full Time, Year Round Position

Industry-Leading Training and Conferences

Signing Bonus for the Right Candidate

Health Benefits

Paid Time Off

Outdoor Workplace

Paid Holidays

Paid Overtime

Paid Certifications

Paid CDL

Equal Opportunity Employer

Safety First Workplace

Mechanized Workplace

Drug Free Workplace

Career Advancement Opportunities

Free Firewood 😉

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: What Our Crews Say


“The culture of the company is one where I feel comfortable...like I fit in. The company is without the drama you typically see in companies...that is a very nice change from previous jobs… I can't say enough wonderful things about the people I work with!! The Team as a whole works like a well-oiled machine! My coworkers are some of the best people I've ever met and I am lucky to have them in my life!” - R.G.

“I greatly admire the way that Cutting Edge has and continues to be built with regards to goals, process and motivation. The paramount feature of safety throughout the company gives me confidence in my skills as well as my coworkers skills on which my well being relies. The equipment is pretty rad too.” - T.D.

“When I first started here I was issued everything critical for performing this work. Over time I have acquired much of my own gear and use it daily. The trucks and equipment that is available and used is able to tackle any job that is out there. I have received a bounty of trainings in formal and informal settings. I have gone through several TCIA certifications and been exposed to many many more. Conferences and coordinated training events provided by Cutting Edge have been extremely helpful. Every day there is new information to be absorbed.” - T.D.

“I have been equipped thoroughly with all the tools and training that I need to grow into a successful sales representative. I have been provided with all the opportunity I need to access the tools and training needed to develop.” - W.D.

Future Areas of Growth (The Bad and Ugly)

  • You will be seeing developments. We’re not ‘corporate’ with tons of resources. It’s not like walking into a union job where everyone has a rigid system. A job here might feel uncomfortable for someone who doesn't like companies growing and changing. We all see some nitty-gritty developing systems.
  • There’s change in staff. People who you work with may change on a regular basis. Makes working with new people difficult adjusting to their approach to work when it’s different. Had several learning curves and adjustment periods over a short period of time.
  • Lack of some traditional benefits-  no traditional health insurance (we’re now offering $300/month health benefits), no retirement or ‘regular’ (time-based) pay increases. This will not be a downside forever. The benefits will grow as the company grows.
  • Pay increases are achieved through merit based raises to show the value of an employee's skills and/or contributions to the company and are more substantial and long-standing than bonuses. This is how employees get increases at Cutting Edge.

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