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Tree Risk Assessment State College, PA

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals has been providing tree services – including tree risk assessment – to the State College area of Pennsylvania since January 2015. If you have unhealthy trees on your property, call or e-mail our certified arborists today for a low cost evaluation regarding their risk to you and your property.

The interesting thing about unhealthy trees is that they react much like humans do when they are not well. They show signs long after the virus has taken hold which means – as is the case with any health issue – early detection is crucial to the survival of any tree damaged by a pest or viral invasion.

What Risk Assessment Does

In a way we are tree doctors who make house calls where we can take a close examination of the patient to determine the cause of the illness and what needs to be done. Trees are susceptible to health threats coming from insects and disease that we can diagnose.

Once we are able to determine what is causing the damage to trees on your property, we will look at options and include you in the process. Some issues can be corrected by a pesticide application (we have ten years experience) and some may require tree pruning or removal.

A Problem Tree Is Dangerous

A diseased tree that is dying or decaying is a huge risk to not only other trees in your yard and neighborhood but to property. Dead branches fall and can damage or destroy vehicles, structures or even hurt people so in those cases removal may be the best option.

Other sick trees that do not pose a danger to property can often be brought back to good health with various methods. We also rely on the Pennsylvania Tree Resource Guide to suggest trees that may be better suited for your specific landscaping and soil conditions.

Below is an example of the detail that goes into a Tree Risk Assessment Report. All aspects of the tree and surrounding area is taken into consideration.

Example Tree Risk Assessment Report

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The certified arborists at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals can help you deal with risky trees in your yard and have been serving the State College area of Pennsylvania since January 2015. Call or e-mail us today for your low cost evaluation on tree risk assessment.