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A climbing arborist is pruning a branch high up in a tree

Arborist Matt Luzier uses a handsaw to remove a small dead branch in this magnificent and massive Tri-color Beech (Fagus sylvatica).

Tree Pruning Overview

There is a large volume of science involved in proper tree pruning. You may have heard of the term 'trimming'- as in 'trim the tree or the lawn'. - Trimming is an old term that is now associated with hacking and improper pruning. Expert knowledge of a tree's unique biology is critical to ensure that proper pruning is performed by a professional arborist.  Pruning trees without considering the biology and species of the tree can cause long term issues. On top of that it could also cause damage, or even kill the tree. The arborist must carefully consider the physiological characteristics that are species-specific. This is important in order to get the best and longest lasting results.  Our certified arborists in State College can take care of any pruning job. There are many things that can go wrong with poor pruning of healthy trees. Other issues include decay from topping, or exposing a tree to diseases just to name a few.  Our arborists will help you avoid the problems that may occur as a result of improper or poor pruning methods.

Pruning landscape trees in Pennsylvania is a whole different matter. There are considerable OSHA Regulations and ANSI guidelines that we must adhere to. This is one more reason to consider a professional when it comes to pruning.

Types of Pruning



Detailed image of types of tree pruning

This is a generalized example of the different types of tree pruning. Notice the subtle but significant differences in shape and branching structure.

Types of Tree Pruning

There are many different types of tree pruning. Which type (or combination of types) you should choose depends on a few main factors. They include tree species, vision for the property/landscape, and guidance from a professional arborist.

Here are the main types listed below:

  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown raising
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown restoration
  • Espalier pruning
  • Vista pruning
  • Young tree training

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning primarily focuses on the following:

  • Crossing or rubbing branches
  • Dead or hazardous branches
  • Storm damaged limbs
  • Diseased branches
  • Weak or compromised limbs

Crown Thinning

  • Reducing drag caused by wind
  • Reducing weight on heavy limbs
  • Improving airflow to prevent fungal or other diseases
  • Allowing sunlight to the inner canopy or lawn

Crown Raising

Typically crown raising is done for clearance purposes. Here's a few other reasons:

  • Branches growing into structures or power lines
  • Branches that are low and present hazards to people and vehicles
  • Branches that interfere with mowing or other landscape maintenance


Cosmetic reasons for having trees pruned include trimming trees that have grown too large and may be

blocking a view or other visual feature. Another visual reason to prune is when a

tree has sustained damage from a pest infestation and needs a trim to clean up how it looks.

Other Benefits to Pruning

Two words- Curb Appeal

One of the things to keep in mind about proper pruning is that it keeps trees healthy and assists with enhancing the value of your property. Well groomed trees and shrubs make your property inviting and a pleasant place to be for you and those you entertain at your home.

A climbing Arborist hangs in a tree in his harness while pruning and trimming

Winter is a great time to prune, as the structure of the tree is easily visible. Oaks like this should be pruned between November and April to prevent the spread of Oak Wilt and other diseases

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