Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is an ISA Certified tree service company serving Bellefonte, PA that was established in 2015 by Certified Arborist Jake Allegar and his business partner Nathaniel Durkin.

We provide tree services to all communities in and around the State College region of Pennsylvania.

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Our Service in Bellefonte, PA

Bellefonte is just 14-miles, or 19-minutes, away from our home base in Boalsburg which makes it extremely easy to provide all our tree service programs to residents and commercial properties in the area. Features in this community include a natural spring and buildings of Victorian architecture.

The natural spring is how the community was named (la belle fonte) and it was first developed as a’ natural’ town utilizing existing native features including vegetation and trees. The community is well-known for the annual Bellefonte Victorian Christmas celebration hosted there.

Proud to provide Services to the Bellefonte Community









Tree Removal

Tree removal falls under two basic categories: cosmetic or practical. Cosmetic removal may be to clear a blocked view and practical would be to remove a diseased tree preventing further infestation.

Either job requires specialized tools, training and equipment to get the job done quick and efficiently. Cutting Edge Tree Professionals have all of that plus more including experience with close proximity removals.

Tree Trimming

When a tree looks a bit on the shabby side nothing spruces it up like a proper pruning. Tree pruning aids in healthy tree growth as well as keeps your property looking its very best with neat and tidy trees and shrubs.

Stump Grinding

The quickest and easiest way to remove a stump from your yard is with stump grinding. Using an unusual looking tool with a horizontally mounted spinning saw blade we can shave the stump to nothing more than wood chips.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The end of a severe storm is the start of storm damage cleanup which requires a focus on safety and careful execution. Damaged trees pose a risk that is best left to professionals to handle and we are the guys to call for that kind of job.

Tree Health Care

Healthy trees grow strong and can fight off most any kind of invasion ranging from insect to viral. Sometimes they need some help building that strength and we can diagnose and treat any tree health issue.

Other Services

In addition to these services, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals also provides comprehensive tree care solutions tailored to the specific needs of Bellefonte’s residents. These include:

  • Tree Risk Assessment: Our certified arborists evaluate the health and structural integrity of your trees, identifying potential risks, and providing preventive measures and suggestions.
  • Tree Pest Control: Trees often fall prey to pests and parasites, which can drastically affect their health and longevity. Our team is trained to identify and mitigate these threats, providing your trees with the protection they need.
  • Tree Fertilization: As part of our unwavering commitment to the health of Bellefonte’s trees, we provide custom fertilization services. Based on a tree’s specific needs, our experts will deliver mineral-rich treatments that give them the nourishment required for robust growth.

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Preserving Bellefonte’s Rich Heritage

Rooted in History – Bellefonte’s rich history is etched into its Victorian architecture and natural landscapes. Our mission goes beyond maintaining greenery—it involves respecting and preserving the historical significance that trees and landscapes hold in this community.

Growing With The Community – As Bellefonte grows and evolves, we are continuously adapting our services to meet its changing needs. New or old, every tree in Bellefonte matters to us because it matters to you.

Our certified arborists and dedicated teams of experts will provide you with Cutting Edge Tree Services around Bellefonte that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations