Our Pennsylvania Service Areas

Our main office is in Pleasant Gap and we have branch operations in Harrisburg and Lewisburg / Watsontown.

If you live in or near one of these circles, we are your source for Certified Arborist managed services.


Cutting Edge Tree Professionals Service Areas in Pennsylvania

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We provide Emergency Tree Services 24×7 to most of Pennsylvania.

We’ll respond quickly, with the right equipment to handle the job safely.

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Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is on call 24 x 7 for Emergency Tree Services across most of Pennnsylvania

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Centre County

We’re proud to offer our services in and around Centre County, including: Pleasant Gap, Altoona, Waterville, Houtzdale, McClure, Mifflintown, Jersey Shore, Tyrone, Avis, Lock Haven, Laurelton, Burnham, Mill Hall, Lamar, Howard, Centre Hall and others.


We’re proud to offer our services in and around Harrisburg, Union Deposit, Dillsburg, Hanoverdale, Duncannon, Shellsville, Hershey, Skyline View, Manadahill, Grantham, Hogestown, Stone Glen, Hanover Heights, Royalton, Yocumtown, Bowmansdale and others


We’re proud to offer our services in and around Watsontown, Winfield, Limestoneville, Lewisburg, Schuyler, Central Oak Heights, Kelly Crossroads, Alvira, Fritz, Montgomery, Turbotville, Delaware Run, West Milton, Old Furnace, Allenwood, New Columbia and others.

Almost like detectives in the world of trees, we respect and understand the unique language that each tree, each species, each situation presents. We know that every tree and every landscape tells a story, and we’re here to help you uncover it.

Our goal is not just to provide you with top-notch tree care services, but also to foster an environment that encourages learning and growth. Let’s join hands and learn, grow, and appreciate the beauty of Central Pennsylvania’s verdant wonders.

With Cutting Edge Tree Professionals by your side, you’re not just getting a service provider—you’re gaining a partner in your tree care journey. So let’s step out and spread some tree love together!

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we are a team of leading arborist-focused tree service providers located in the heart of Centre County, Pennsylvania. With a deep passion for all aspects of arboriculture, our purpose is to elevate the standards of excellence in the tree services and plant health care industry. Our commitment is bridging the harmony between nature, impeccable craftmanship, and our local community. We proudly utilize the most advanced equipment and adhere to trusted arboricultural practices to cultivate greener, healthier environments for residents and businesses in Central Pennsylvania.

From the bustling borough of State College to the serene villages of Park Forest, Boalsburg, Port Matilda, Toftrees, and Bellefonte, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater for the distinctive needs of our clients. Our range of services spans tree removals, stump grinding, pruning, trimming, and tree preservation to addressing emergency storm damage, tree cabling, bracing, and offering plant health care. We don’t just provide services, we ensure you, our client, receives the highest level of support, advice, and expertise from our team of dedicated professionals, supervised by ISA-certified arborists. Trust Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for all your tree care needs – making Centre County greener and healthier, one tree at a time.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we’re more than just your friendly neighborhood tree service provider in the Susquehanna Valley, Pennsylvania. We are a team of arboriculture experts, striving for nothing less than to redefine the pinnacle of excellence with our comprehensive tree services and plant health care. Our approach is as much about growing a greener community as it is about skillful craftsmanship. Using the newest techniques and equipment, we foster verdant, healthier environments for local homes and businesses within the Valley.

From vibrant cityscapes like Sunbury and Selinsgrove to picturesque townships like Shamokin Dam and Lewisburg, we provide an all-encompassing suite of services designed to meet diverse client needs. Maintenance duties like tree pruning, trimming, and preservation or extensive service demands such as tree removal and stump grinding – you name it, and we cover it.

When stormy weather strikes, we are your best allies, responding to emergency storm damages, offering tree cabling and bracing. Plus, our plant health care service ensures your landscape stays in tiptop shape. Underlining our offerings, an ensemble of enthusiastic professionals governed by ISA-certified arborists ensures that each project entails top-quality service, client support, and tree care guidance. Join Cutting Edge Tree Professionals on the journey to a greener and healthier Susquehanna Valley.

Together, we’ll not only talk the talk but walk the walk in innovative tree care!

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we’re your arboricultural allies right here in the vibrant heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our deep-rooted passion for all things tree-related makes us your local tree service professionals, always pushing the boundaries of excellence in our field. We combine expert craftsmanship with our love for the local community, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to cultivate lush, healthier landscapes throughout Harrisburg.

From the bustling downtown to the quiet, charming neighborhoods around, we provide a bespoke suite of services tailored to the distinct needs of Harrisburg locals. We’ve got everything covered, from essential maintenance like tree trimming, pruning, and preservation to bigger tasks, such as tree removal and stump grinding. But our commitment does not end there. We’re always on standby when emergencies hit, ready to respond swiftly to storm damage, perform necessary tree cabling, and bracing. Our in-depth plant health care service ensures the longevity and vitality of your green spaces.

Guided by ISA-certified arborists, our team of skilled professionals is fully dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and guidance. With Cutting Edge Tree Professionals by your side, you’ll be stepping into a greener, healthier Harrisburg – one tree at a time. So, let’s embark on a journey into the fascinating world of tree care together. Who knew learning about trees could be this much fun?

Tree Experts in Central Pennsylvania

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, your trees are our top priority. As your knowledgeable friends in Central Pennsylvania, we’re truly passionate about arboriculture and all that it entails. Our team of ISA-certified arborists has dedicated their careers to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of trees. Think of us as the tree experts, always ready to delve into the details of why your mighty oak is flourishing, or why your beloved elm isn’t. We take pride in breaking down these complexities so that, together, we can better understand, appreciate, and care for your green companions.

We have been diligently serving communities across Central Pennsylvania by providing top-tier professional tree services. Our approach to caring for trees transcends mere business; it’s a practice that intertwines with our lifestyle and commitment to the environment. We stay on the cutting edge of arboricultural advances, ensuring our practice is adaptable and dynamic. By keeping abreast with the latest research, tools, and techniques, we provide you with the best care your trees can get that nurtures them into their healthiest, most vibrant potential. From essential tasks like tree pruning, trimming, and preservation to conducting thorough risk assessments and providing emergency storm damage response – we’ve got you covered!

Our certified arborists and dedicated teams of experts will provide you with Cutting Edge tree services that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations