We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t have to stop us from utilizing trees to our monetary advantage.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals we care about trees primarily because we believe we are called to be good stewards of creation, helping not hurting our environments. But we also recognize other monetary benefits to proper tree care.

Property Value

Your property’s value can change based on current market trends, but you don’t have to rely entirely on those patterns. By keeping up with the health and condition of trees, plants, and shrubs in your yard, your property value is worth more.

At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we offer free quotes for all of our services including pruning, removal, storm damage, and health care. If any one of these is “off” for your plants, shrubs, and trees, the value of your property can go down. Like annual check ups to the doctor or dentist for yourself or taking your pets regularly to the vet, calling a certified arborist to do check ups on your property is an easy way to prevent issues that may develop in your plant’s lifespan, and therefore bring value to your home or property.

The second key way trees can save you money is through…

Conserving Energy

Properly placed trees around your yard and home can help conserve energy with electric bills in both cold and hot climates. Trees provide shade in the summer, or hot climates and offer wind and elements protection in the winter months or cold climates. This can lead to a 56% annual savings in the summer and reduce heat costs by 20-50%. At Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, we are able to help you decide how to strategically place trees around your home. And to maintain the ones already in place for more money in your wallet later on.

Call or message us today and let us help you get make the most out of the trees in your yard!