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We talk a lot about protecting your yard and property at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. One important piece of your property is the fence that keeps pets or children in and safe. Fences also add a clear boundary for your yard to stay protected and private. A final big reason for getting a fence is that they may even be required on some properties if you have certain outdoor pools. To help you with the process of getting a great fence that lasts, we’ve pulled together a list of companies.

These companies we’ve listed below are all in the Centre County area. Not every fence project is a like as there are different types, sizes, and insurance companies may have their own requirements for how a fence goes up. Given all the differentiation, this alphabetically ordered list will help you in your process of narrowing down your specific fencing needs!

Alex’s Proscape

Alex’s Proscape is known for three main things: Creative Ideas, Expert Advice, and Professionalism. What more could you ask for in a company that specializes in landscaping including fencing. They serve the State College and surrounding areas and are willing to work with any budget—no project is too large or small.

Craig Fencing

Craig Fencing specializes in commercial fencing projects. They have been a leader in the Blair County and beyond areas since 1983. Their latest projects include airports and prisons. Craig Fencing says that their success is due to their core values as a company: Quality, value, consistency, and reliability. If you have a commercial property that needs a fence, you won’t be disappointed with Craig Fencing.

Green Horizon Landscape

At Green Horizon Landscape, the testimonials and images speak for themselves! Green Horizon Landscape offers wooden fences such as for a horse pasture that blends in with the landscape. You’ll work with landscape designers and their foreman to make sure that your project is what you want and need.

Nastase Construction

At Nastase Construction, you will find a variety of construction services including the specialty: chain link fences. Based out of Snow Shoe, Nastase has been serving Central PA since 2003. They value lasting relationships with their customers along with high quality work and don’t plan on going anywhere, even after 20 years serving their customers. You know you’ll have that long lasting relationship with your contractor if you choose Nastase.

Pet Stop

If a pet is the main reason that you need a fence for your yard, then it’s time to add Pet Stop to your list of companies to talk to. High tech fences that link to your phone AND your dog’s collar is enough information to get your attention. Pet Stop serves areas beyond Centre County. They take time with the installation and training process, so that you are up-to-date with how the electronics work. Even more valuable is the protection that Pet Stop fences provide to your landscape. These are fully customizable to keep animals and landscape safe.

ProMax Fence Systems

ProMax offers competitive pricing with the quality of fences they install. They are a full line fencing contractor while offering budget quotes. Serving both homeowners and industrial/ commercial property, they have a wide knowledge of fences that will work for your specific needs. An added bonus if you’re up for it is the DIY option-they deliver materials and help plan your project, while you get to have fun putting your fence up. ProMax loves to make recommendations for various materials depending on whether your needs such as protecting children or building a fence for a pool.

Russler Fence Company

Russler Fence Company specializes in fencing. Whether it’s wood, chainlink, or any other material, they’ll be able to help you. They have been around for 20 years and with that industry experience you know you’ll get what you need. Russler Fence Company is based in Lewistown, PA, but also offer home and corporate installations in State College, Harrisburg and other surrounding towns.

Tater Built Fences and Railings

With a free initial consultation and labor warranty, right out of the gate you know there are both protection and people standing behind you in your fence decision making needs. Wood, Metal, Chain-link, Vinyl, and Aluminum- every fence type is covered- even railings! Tater Built Fences and Railings puts a high value on aesthetics and curb appeal with their work. They also know the value of customer service and want the customer to feel like he or she comes first.

Yonder Mountain Conservation Co.

Yonder Mountain specializes in creating custom fence designs in both residential and commercial properties. It’s clear that Yonder Mountain Conservation values sustainability. They want to make sure the landscape design is ecologically friendly as they put up your fence. Their certified designers to help get the project done right.

To wrap up, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these companies. They have good experience and will get the job done right.

Before you get your fence, make sure you send Cutting Edge Tree Professionals a message so that we can help with the initial yard clean up! Our team can help remove stumps, debris, and even trees if necessary. Make your fence installation easy with Cutting Edge Tree Professionals and we’ll schedule a site visit to make sure every part of the project is within your budget and timeline.