Though pruning and trimming don’t mean the same thing, the two words often get mixed up with each other. We wanted to bring some clarity on the difference, especially as it gets close to spring and summer seasons when many people call for trimming and pruning services.

Trimming v Pruning

Trimming is mostly for aesthetic purposes. It helps shape a tree or shrub and is often a less involved process, in order to remove overgrowth. Also, trimming isn’t limited to trees; it includes shrubbery and hedges.

Pruning is the process of removing dead or decaying limbs of trees or shrubs. It is also the term used when a limb needs to come down when it is at risk or for reasons of growth, or if the tree is in the way of another structure like a power line or house. Though pruning is most often reserved for tree work, especially trees with structural problems, it can involve both trees and shrubs

Types of Pruning

  • Raising- Cutting away lower branches to allow clearance for cars, people, or small buildings.
  • Reduction – Cutting back on overall tree size when in the way of other structures or powerlines
  • Thinning – Removing some branches to get rid of extra weight and improve structure on overgrown limbs
  • Cleaning – Removing dead or diseased limbs and branches

Your Spring Refresh

Whether its tree pruning you need, or other types of trimming for shrubs and hedges, the key is that your arborist preserves the natural base of the tree structure and growth. To over prune could result in last damage of the tree, or shorten its life. Yet, it’s important that trimming and pruning are both key actions to take. Regular maintenance with trimming and pruning for your trees and shrubs will save you heavier expenses in the long run. And it will help your trees last longer with proper care from a certified arborist!

If you think your trees and shrubs are in need of trimming and pruning, give Cutting Edge Tree Professionals a call today and let us give your yard a proper spring refresh this season!