Last month we posted and article of a simple fall tree checklist to start to prepare for winter, but what about your yard tools? Is there anything you can or should do to preserve your yard tools better?

Take inventory of your lawnmower, sprinkler systems, leaf blowers, power wash equipment, chainsaws, trimmers, and any other equipment you use.

  1. Check for broken or worn parts and replace these for spring
  2. Get chains sharpened or replaced
  3. Clear away built-up dirt or debris
  4. Inspect belts and replace any that are frayed or worn
  5. Drain oil
  6. Use fuel stabilizer or drain fuel
  7. Store equipment in a dry place

Depending on the equipment you may have more or less maintenance, but this list will give you a head start to better equipment for the spring. Winterizing your yard tools will bring you peace of mind and keep them running better, longer in general.

We hope this short list gets you on your way for preparing for winter even better than before. As always, contact Cutting Edge Tree Professionals for tree, shrub, and plant help. We’re here for you!